Perfect Glass for Commercial Buildings [Infographic]

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Selecting Perfect Glass For A Commercial Building

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The perfect glass will enhance the overall look of a commercial building and bring out its features throughout the day. From the inner and outer doors of a building to its windows, every piece of glass is a filler element that defines how a building will look. Glasses provide architecture many possibilities with its vast features. It gives beauty and versatility with clear visibility and light transmission and most important its energy conversion.

In this infographic, we select glasses having important features that makes it easy to select perfect glass types according to your requirement. Use this magical material in building and make your building more attractive.

Perfect Glass for Commercial Buildings [Infographic]

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Select Perfect Glass for Commercial Building and Increase Energy Efficiency

When designing a commercial building, you may have more options for the glass used on windows and doors and interior offices than you realize. While the type of glass you choose for your building will always be important, if your new building will have an entire facade or front made of glass rather than brick or steel with a few glass windows, it becomes even more important to choose the right type. You also need to consider the safety of glass used to create interior offices of a building. Here are a few simple tips to help you decide the best type of glass for your commercial building.


1. Reflective Glass

Reflective glass can give your building a very distinct look as sunlight shines back off its surface. However, reflective glass may be more of a traffic hazard than you realize, as it can cause glare and a distraction to nearby drivers. So be cautious about using reflective glass in areas with high traffic.


  • Color Option Available
  • High Visibility
  • Reduces Interior Glare
  • Bold, Crisp Exterior Appearance


2. Insulated Glass

This type of glass is made especially to keep heat inside of a building. The sun’s light will easily shine through the glass but it is made specifically to keep in heat and warmth, something to consider if the building is in a colder climate. Tinted glass can work much the same way, but to keep sunlight out and keep the building interior cool. Darker tints will reflect sunlight away from the building without creating a glare so that the interior of the building is cooler while the exterior is safer overall.


  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Air-To-Heat Transfer


3. Bullet Resistant Glass

This type of glass is no longer reserved for banks but can be added to any office where security may be a concern. This can be a good choice for interior offices where money, sensitive paperwork, and other items are stored. You can typically choose the level of resistance or protection you want with bullet resistant glass, so consider your budget versus the amount of protection you may need.


  • Much stronger than regular glass
  • Can withstand a round of strikes from bullets and other objects
  • Increases safety
  • Can be used to replace the windows in homes, businesses, or cars


4. Blast Resistant Glass

This type of glass would be good for exterior use, not just to keep occupants safe from potential terrorist attacks but also earthquakes and even auto accidents. Blast resistant glass will be tempered to withstand shattering under extreme stress or impact.


  • Much stronger than bullet resistant glass
  • Safe from potential terrorist attacks, earthquakes, and even auto accidents
  • Increases safety
  • Can be used to replace the windows in homes, businesses, or cars


5. Wired Glass

Wired glass will have wires that run through it in order to keep it from shattering during impact. This is often recommended for skylights and areas where it may be a hazard to have falling glass. If the glass pane should break, the pieces will be held together by the internal wires, making it safer for occupants.


  • Increase in fire safety


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