Private Islands of the Rich & Famous [Infographic]

The Islands Of The Rich And Famous

Private Island

A private Island

Wouldn’t it be nice to have few million quid knocking around? And not a clue what to do with it? Well, if you are a lucky millionaire or one of the rich and famous celebrities gracing our movie and tv screens, then buying a private island … Read more

Notifiable Disease (Bluetongue Virus) [Infographic]

The Virus Known As Bluetongue Virus

A notifiable disease is a disease that must be reported to a government authority such as DEFRA if a person responsible for animals suspects symptoms of a notifiable disease. Reporting the diseases gives an early warning of a potential outbreak and allows the disease to be monitored and controlled before it can become an … Read more

Breeding Strategies In Fish [Infographic]

Breeding Fish

Tropical Fish

Breeding fish successfully is a very complex process and requires understanding and knowledge. Breeders should be aware that each species of fish is different, and has different requirements. With Ovoviviparous live bearers the eggs are fertilised internally and they will then hatch inside the female and she will give birth to them. Viviparous live bearers will have their … Read more

Buy Nothing Day

A Day To Buy Nothing

Consumerist Nation

Every year, after Thanksgiving, our consumerist nation believes it should go shopping. Years ago, a shopping day was set aside, and usually extended to the weekend, in which several products that are usually more expensive throughout the year, are placed on sale, and sold at a reduced price. This day is known as “Black Friday”, … Read more

Changing Character of Black Friday: In-Store Vs Online Shopping [Infographic]

Shopping Online vs. In-Store on Black Friday

Black Friday Crowds

Though the most popular US shopping festival is not going to fade away from the scenes anytime soon, a change in people’s preferences can clearly be seen. Black Friday is clearly shafting its identity. With more and more shoppers preferring online purchases, the number of in-house shoppers is dwindling steadily. Besides, the rising … Read more

Secrets Of Home Staging Your Bedroom [Infographic]

Staging Your Perfect Bedroom

Secrets Of Home Staging Your Bedroom

When selling a home, first impressions count. The first 7-10 seconds is when a buyer forms an opinion and a great way to form these all necessary good first impressions is by home staging.

Home staging is about illusions and creating the perfect moods in your house. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, … Read more

How To Give Difficult Feedback At Work Without Hurting Feelings [Infographic]

Giving Difficult Feedback To Employees

Employee Feedback

No matter what type of job you apply for, you will always find that the description asks for ‘good communication skills’.

The reason for this is simple, no matter what industry you work it, being able to communicate with your colleagues is vital.

Not matter whether you are a CEO or an apprentice, there are … Read more

8 Clients You Don’t Want To Work With [Infographic]

The Personalities Of Clients You Will Face

Client Experience

There is nothing quite like working as a freelancer. You get to work with people of all industries, ages and a wide array of personalities. Your success as a freelancer is typically tied to your performance on a project-by-project basis. So, you typically need to follow the lead of your client in order … Read more

Brink of a Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

Lacking Of Nurses In The United States

Nursing Shortage

The clear benefit to having adequate nurse staffing levels is that it can reduce the number of patient deaths and help individuals get the best possible care. Nursing is the fifth largest occupation in the U.S. and provides Americans with vital healthcare services. With the rise of chronic diseases and the retirement of … Read more