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Why Ford For Car Leasing?

Looking For Car Leasing?

Ford Car Leasing Header

Are you looking at leasing a car but not sure which model to go for? There are so many choices out there that sometimes researching which car to choose can be stressful, when really it should be fun. If this is the case then we are here to help. Choosing a new car is an important … Read more

Overtime Pay For Salaried Workers [Infographic]

Laws For Overtime Pay

Late Night Work

Are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay? Although it may not be the main question many salaried workers would ask, it is, however, important to know if overtime pay is available as a salaried worker.

To put it quite simply, the answer to this question is, yes, salaried employees are entitled to overtime pay. Salaried employees … Read more

New Era Of Corporate Social Responsibility [Infographic]

Social Media And Responsibility

Social Media Marketing Benefits

As you may know, Google has recently been under fire after mounting claims that Google was not doing enough, or anything at all, to promote gender or racial equality in the workplace. Google’s 19th birthday is tomorrow, celebrating a corporation that has always been on the forefront of business and workplace innovations. For example, Google … Read more

Top 5 Customer Service Challenges [Infographic]

What To Do About Customer Service Challenges

Good Service

The development of customer engagement in social media and the increased value of a hassle-free and on-point customer experience may have been the two main driving forces behind the progress of customer expectations in 2017. These days, customers want their voices heard and problems resolved, quickly and without having to jump through hoops … Read more

Skilled Migrant Workers [Infographic]

Highly Skilled Workers Abroad

Manhattan Street Busy

The workforce is only getting more competitive. People earning additional degrees, enhancing their resumes and more just to land some of the most basic entry-level jobs these days. Companies are getting more competitive as well. They want to not only attract the best talent, but retain them as well. And now countries are thrown into the … Read more

Small Business Dreams [Infographic]

The Small Business Dream

Small Business Owner

People all across America have thought about their ultimate small business dream. What that one kind of business is you would want to own; restaurants, boutiques, even dog walking companies. But what are the most looked into small business types?

Bid-On-Equipment used Google search trends to see what types of small businesses people are looking into … Read more

5 Tips to Have a Good Career

Advice For A Good Career

Good Career 1

Almost every person’s ambition in life is a solid and successful career path. Everybody wants to earn good money and be appreciated as a professional. Climbing up a career ladder is neither easy nor fast, but numerous positive examples demonstrate that everything is possible with perseverance and smart tactics.

Let’s take a look at the … Read more

7 Blog Niches That Are Growing Exponentially

Hot Blog Niches In 2018

Maybe you have already learned how to start a blog effectively and have found that you enjoy it and you’re good at it, and now you’ve learned that you can also make money with it!

So, how do you capitalize on that? Well, for one, if you want blogging to become a financially fruitful endeavor … Read more

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