9 Daily Rituals To Boost Productivity [Infographic]

9 Ways Of Boosting Productivity With Rituals

Coffee On Desk

Jane Austen rose early to clear her head while making breakfast for the whole family – and then retired from household tasks for the day to concentrate on her writing. Hemingway wrote everything out by hand first, and typed it all up later.

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The World’s Most Wasteful Nations [Interactive Infographic]

Countries Of Top Waste

Food Waste

The average household produces more than a tonne of waste every year – and it’s during the festive period that we waste the most.

But which country produces the most waste in a single day? We’ve worked with eC02Greetings to find out.

The top producers in the developed world are:

  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • United
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Art as A Marketing Strategy For Hotels [Infographic]

Art And Hotels

Art In Hotel In Amsterdam

Artworks and artist are increasingly woven into the fabric marketing, not only for products aimed at the general consumers but also for service industry like hotels. Gone were the days when all that mattered for a hotel to achieve high ratings and prestige was excellent service and upholding the highest standards of staff, amenities and cuisine.

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The Truth About Annoying Coworkers [Infographic]

The Annoyance of Annoying Co-Workers

Annoying Coworkers Working with co-workers has always come with its caveats. No matter how many jobs you have had in the past, no matter how many you will get in the future, there will always be at least one annoying co-worker. This co-worker usually comes with a very different personality. They may talk loudly all of the … Read more

Safe Driving With Children [Infographic]

A Safe Ride With Children

Driving With Kids

Long-haul driving can be a challenge. Doing anything other than 100% focusing on the road can turn your attention away just long enough to cause a severe accident and potentially end a life. In reality, focusing on the road alone is almost impossible, especially if you frequently drive with your kids.

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What’s On The Bookshelf Of Your Favorite Businesswoman? [Infographic]

Recommended Books From Businesswomen

Incredibly Good Books To Read

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs come in many shapes and sizes, but there’s usually at least one thing they have in common. Reading.

Self-made millionaire, Steve Siebold, studied the habits of the ultra-wealthy for his book How Rich People Think. “Walk into a wealthy person’s home and one of the first things you’ll see is … Read more

7 Blogs Every Writer Should Bookmark [Infographic]

7 Blogs You Should Bookmark for 2018

Blog Reader

Being a writer myself, there is one essential step I can recommend to those who want to write well, and I am not talking about those tips like ‘write from the heart’, or ‘tell your story’. In my experience, these are helpful, but there is one thing that makes it possible for me … Read more

Maximizing Web Development Efforts For Increased Employability

Improve Your Employability With These Web Development Efforts

Beyond The Realm Of Myth

According to Stackify.com, “10x developers are not a myth. They do exist. They are most likely dev managers, architects, lead developers or company founders. If they aren’t, they should be.” If you’re not familiar with the term “10x developer”, it basically refers to the highest class … Read more

Introducing: Text Me Private

Virtual Numbers For Texting!

Laptop with Phones

In a previous confession, we introduced Call Me Private, virtual numbers that can make and receive phone calls, great for individuals, entrepreneurs, small startups, and large organizations alike. A sister application, known as Text Me Private carries the same concept as Call Me Private, but happens to be for SMS only. Send or receive … Read more

Introducing: Call Me Private [Infographic]

Maintain Your Privacy With A Virtual Number

Call Me Private

With each passing day, it seems that our phone numbers no longer belong to us. And considering that once you get your monthly bill of usually no less than $40 a month, more commonly around $80 – $200 a month for many people, exactly what are we paying for when it comes to … Read more