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15 Company Culture Lessons You Can Learn From The World’s Biggest Companies [Infographic]

Lessons About Company Culture From Big Companies

Corporate Culture

A strong company culture can be the driving force behind a business, if you have a passionate, valued team pushing your business then you are more likely to succeed. By creating a trusted, fun, yet motivational workplace you are inspiring your employees to be the best they can be whilst also reflecting the … Read more

The Trillionaire Rich List [Infographic]

Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire?

Trillion Dollars

When the Forbes 400 began back in 1982, all it took was a small $75 million to rank on the rich list. The majority of the people on the list were wealthy through oil or manufacturing, with only 3% from technology driven fortune. Compare this to the 2016 list where most of the top … Read more

The Revolutionary iPhone [Infographic]

The iPhone X

iPhone X Tweet

The iPhone, 10 years old and what a revolutionary product. Some tech experts predicted a crash and burn when the 1st Generation model was released, and some blissfully predicted the success it’s had.

Thanks Tim Cook for the new iPhone 8 and X (still to be released…) but most importantly, thank you to the legend himself … Read more

How to Start Freelancing with No Experience

Freelancing — No Experience Necessary

Freelance Day Desk
Becoming a freelance writer can be daunting. In a way, it’s a leap of faith: when you start freelancing, the financial security you probably had as an employee is gone. Goodbye, steady salary. Goodbye, comfort zone. You’re now at the mercy of the market (which, as we all know, can be moody) and your own … Read more

Steps To A Successful Workplace Investigation [Slideshare]

Investigation In The Workplace

Incident Investigation

HR representatives and other types of workplace professionals already know how important it is to be something of a detective. In all of their dealings with employees and potential employees, workplace professionals need to be able to make judgments about important issues based on the evidence they collect. Yet although conducting an interview with a job … Read more

Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud [Ebook]

Your Business Needs The Cloud

Cloud Computing Service

One of the most common advantages small businesses have over larger competitors is their agility. Being smaller and more inclined to take risks means small businesses can get out in front of trends faster than larger competitors. That includes technology, an area small businesses often jump into more willingly than large companies. By embracing new … Read more

The Cost of Airline Courtesy

The Class of Airlines

Basic Economy
“Upgrade for $20 more to feel like a human being, you piece of shit!” – All airlines

Growing up and throughout human civilization, there have been classes used to identify groups of people. As a kid, I remember being told I was “lower middle class” of the three, which were poor, middle, and rich. There are … Read more

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