Liars and Deceivers

I’ve worked in sales and all I hear about is “integrity” but I never see it. I just worked with a small marketing company here in Rochester, NY and it amazed me how they lied to customers and deceived investors.


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Working—sort of

I work if you can call it that…. I’ll explain in a minute.

My husband of several decades passed away 12 years ago. I froze and starved for most of a year without a job, no car, and living 16 miles from the nearest town. Past experiences with “helpful” social workers left me preferring cold and hungry to applying for … Read more

Ode to Corporate America

Today I am wearing grey, on grey, on grey, on grey, with a fancy orange scarf.

It is my ode to Corporate America.

I like your decor here, Corporate America.

The grey inspires me.

It reminds me to make my own happiness.

And that the world is more than the bleakness here.

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Me? Sell Cars???

So here I am, single Dad with four (yes 4) kids, ages 10, 9, 7 and 5, the dust from the separation just settling, I have rented a great house in the country, have bought an old truck that has just broke down, I need wheels and fast.

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Webcam Model

The World's first body-adapting vibrator

Before you make your judgments, know that I never intended to find myself here. It’s a big secret, what you’re about to read about. It’s a dirty secret. Embarrassing secret. Shameful secret. I have a BA in Anthropology, and am a passionate people-watcher. I don’t judge, because it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

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Traveling Salesman: The Chicken That Wasn’t

I’m a traveling salesman; I sell replacement windows and permanent siding. Most of my appointments take me to far-away, remote (albeit not ‘exotic’) locations. And as a commissioned-only salesman, every opportunity to sit down with a potential client is an important one; I will do nearly ANYTHING to meet with a homeowner, and sometimes on very unusual terms.

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I consider myself very lucky in my work, I get to help aspiring authors get their novels up to a publishable standard and, hopefully get an agent. My company is the biggest literary editorial agency in the UK, it’s called The Writers’ Workshop.

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From Eligibility Worker to Food Stamp Recipient

I was an eligibility worker for over ten years, in two different states, three different counties and three different decades. But in spite of all of the changes, the job is basically the same, no matter where or when you do it. And since I have seen public assistance from both sides of the desk, I have a few insights … Read more

Working at a Coffee Shop

Having to drag my butt out of bed at 5:30 in the morning was bad enough. But having to do it while being three months pregnant and on my birthday was even worse. The joys of working at a coffee shop that never closed, because those crazy caffeine addicts need their coffee at 2am.

I stood waiting outside in the … Read more