7 Packing Tips for Startups

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Packing Tips For Your Startup Business

Packing Shipping Steps

A perfect packaging is not just essential to establish your brand and products but also key to the success in the highly competitive marketplace. However, things can get especially hard when you are a startup trying to sell a new product. There are a myriad of factors that govern the product launch, including the budget, time and the target audience. While capturing the attention of potential buyers is a constant challenge, product packaging also becomes one of the best ways to captivate.

Packaging actually gives a face to a product that hasn’t been known before and thus becomes the key propagator of brand recognition. From psychological fulfillment to providing information in a creative way, there is vast potential with the right design.

Here are 7 such packing tips that every startup should try to work on:

Going natural on design

The market has been witnessing a growing trend in ‘green’ products. Opting for a natural approach and enticing a feeling of freshness would be a good start. The design strategy should place focus on how organic the product is or how the brand promotes a healthy living. The most recent success story that fit this example if of PaperBoat drinks from Hector Beverages. For consumers, the identity of the product lies in the unique fresh packaging material than the drink itself!

Ease of use

Why do you think that the shape of a Coca Cola bottle is different from the shape of a commercially available bottle of water? Well, the packing here facilitates easy use. The shapely bottle enhances grip as most consumers are supposed to share or carry the Coke around. The bottling gets prominence here and can be a great strategy to rely on. Unique shapes of packaging also make your product interesting.

Standing out

For startups to be successful, it is highly important that they stand out and packing is just another opportunity towards it. Customers will naturally be drawn towards products that are more colorful, shapely or interesting to look at in some way. If you are targeting the young demographics with your product, this becomes especially important.

Packing for the specific market

It would be highly important to understand where you products will get sold. Will it be an online marketplace or be shelved in real time stores among competing brands? For example, if your product is intended to be directly shipped to the consumer, you might not need a glorious packaging. However, if the consumer choice is somehow dependent upon display, a compelling design would be a must-have.

Premade boxes and labeling

If you are looking to cut costs as much as you can and still offer a unique packing, pre made packaging supplies would be a right course of action. In this case, ordering your packing in bulk from a third party provider would highly reduce the cost. You will just need to work on the label to bring in customization. Other advantages with premade boxes include durability and ease of usage.

Managing design costs

The more complicated a design you choose, the more would be the fees of the designer and the manufacturing/printing costs. Even simple designs with minimal text and graphics can work wonders if you are creative enough.

Communicate relevance

Whatever you do with a product packaging, it should be relevant to the product. You just cannot sell a beverage in cubic boxes! Everything from the shape to the text should cover all information that the end user might be looking for before making a choice.

Product packaging is always a powerful tool to establishing a new brand and business. Research and weight your options well before finalizing on one.