Packaging Symbols – Everything You Want to Know [Infographic]

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Packaging Symbols Information

Handle With Care Symbol

It happens sometimes that we see a symbol on cardboard box or product package and we don’t know its real meaning. Using packaging symbols is a standard today. If you are selling your products online and also provided international shipping then there are many other symbols that you should use. We often see the familiar symbols like “green dot”, “hazardous material” and other alike but when we come across a different symbol, we get confused. Well here we have and infographic which revolves around the various packaging symbols.

We have seen that in many countries that using packaging symbol is necessary because they have strict laws. But in some countries still this practice is not widely used. In this matter we should always think from customer’s perspective and in this age of information, we all know very well that customers always look for more and more information about the product he is purchasing. Now, with the help of these various packaging symbols you can tell the customers if a product is recyclable or not. Also there are various signs used to show product’s property and materials used to create the product.

Another important thing which should be considered here is the product packaging design. You should always follow the best design practices. Yes, it is good that you are using the eye catching designs but you should not underestimate the importance of putting extra information about the product.

Packaging industry is on all time peak and customers today prefer to buy online. So you should be aware of the packaging symbols used in international markets. This way you can sell your products easily there.

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Packaging Symbols - Everything You Want to Know [Infographic]

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  • Handle with care – Package need to be handled with care
  • Fragile – Commodity inside is fragile and can be damaged
  • Right side up – Defines which side of the package should face upwards
  • Thermometer – Indicates the storage temperature
  • Umbrella – Keep package away from rain or damp
  • Product Durability – Indicates the time until which the product is good for use


  • Warning – Awareness sign usually used to warn about allergies
  • Vegetarian – Product is suitable for vegetarians
  • Gluten free – Packaging of product that do not contain wheat extracts
  • More information – More information about the product is in the packaging
  • Customer satisfaction – If consumer is not happy, he can return the product


  • Recycle Aluminium
  • WEEE Symbol – Packaging contains electronic products
  • Tidy man – Dispose the item in an appropriate manner
  • The Green dot – Manufacturer contributes to recycling of the packaging
  • Recycle Glass
  • Mobius loop – International symbol for recycling
  • Ecolabel – Used by manufacturers of environmentally-friendly products
  • FSC – Ensures products maintain ecological processes


  • PC – This type of plastic is comparatively hard to recycle
  • PETE – Partially recyclable and picked up at most curbside recycling programs
  • PP – Its recycling value is growing, most recycling programs


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