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Homeless Suspended Coffee

When it comes to coffee, much of the world runs on it. Much of the world loves it. Most of us get up and make our cup of coffee everyday, religiously. There are also others, who prefer not to make it, and run to their local Starbucks or coffee shop to order it because they prefer that flavor, or the act of just being social. Most people order a coffee and go about their morning, sipping on that warm goodness that makes them feel good and gives them a caffeine boost. As you are ordering your coffee though, you should also order a suspended coffee.

For those people who have no idea what that it is, consider it paying it forward, giving to charity, helping your fellow man out. A suspended coffee is for those who cannot afford to have coffee. It is unfortunate, but it does happen. Whether it is a homeless man or woman, or a family who is just down and out, and would be grateful to even have a cup of coffee. Sometimes, people will also add a suspended meal or sandwich to it, if they can afford to help someone out that day.


This tradition began in Naples, Illinois, and has been catching on in the surrounding area. Hopefully by spreading the word and writing this confession, we can make it a nationwide ordeal. If your coffee shop does not already offer it, consider telling them about it and getting them to implement it. If you own or operate a coffee shop, consider leaving out a “suspended coffee cup”, and giving it to the homeless and less fortunate. While I am not here to tell you what to do, whether you are an individual or a coffee shop, buying a cup of coffee for someone is one of the most generous things you can do for someone. It may not take away their suffering or hunger, but it does show that there are people out there who care.

Suspended Coffee

It is an act of kindness and charity that helps another person out. When you order a coffee and can afford it, you may not realize that there are many people who cannot even afford that cup of coffee. You might think, “Well, that’s their problem and their fault.” Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Doesn’t matter. We must remove the stigma of homelessness, as it is not always a choice. Homeless people are still people too. They need to eat, they need to drink, they need to use the bathroom, they need a clean shower, they need help. Help someone out and buy an extra cup of coffee for them.

You may see homeless people begging on the streets and you walk right by or drive by them without even thinking about all they have been through that day, but by just ordering a suspended coffee, you have technically given a dollar to help the cause of someone’s suffering. One small act of kindness at a time can make a huge difference to make our world a better place. This act of kindness is especially important in the colder seasons.

A plea to all coffee shops: Consider adding “suspended coffee” to your menu. You will be helping your local community out.

A plea to people: Consider buying at least one suspended coffee every time you purchase a coffee. Imagine if a coffee shop receives 300 customers in a day. If one person purchased a suspended coffee each, that is an extra 300 coffees that could be given to people who cannot afford a coffee. By doing this, you are definitely helping to make your local community a better place.

If you are a coffee shop or just want to find out more information about suspended coffees, visit: https://suspendedcoffees.com/



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