3 Optimal Scenarios To Make A Great Real Estate Investment

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If you think an investment in real estate is a good idea then you are more than willing to take a risk and expand your current portfolio. Earning wealth is easier said than done. A lot people don’t buy property because they believe they don’t want to lose the money invested; sadly, we’re talking about an industry that depends on people’s willingness to gamble. In order to attain success you must learn more about making smart choices when purchasing investment property. Have a goal in mind and stay focused on doing everything that’s necessary to strive. Get close to as many optimal scenarios as possible start making a profit by investing in real estate.

Real Estate Investment 1

Scenario 1 – Real Estate Investment That Pays Straightforward Cash On Cash Return

Buying property means taking money from your other liquid assets, such as CDs, stocks, and bonds, and then investing that money into a type of asset that is illiquid – real estate. On financial assets you were probably already earning a 4-6% rate of return. In real estate, you should focus on cash-on-cash return rates. To make this happen, you have to document deals and buy cash flow positive properties capable of rendering decent returns. Stay away from prize properties that are negatively geared, also known as capital growth property.

A negative property investment occurs when the received rental income is much less than the overall costs of the property. Also known as “capital growth properties”, negative geared properties may appreciate over the years. The increase may outweigh an investor’s short term financial losses. Most of the properties included in this category are positioned in main capital cities which perform a lot better in the long term.

Real Estate Investment 2

Scenario 2 – Property Investment Doesn’t Have To Be Risky


There’s some risk involved in any type of investment. Real estate development, private funds, tenant-in-common investments, fixer uppers and others, all have high risks profiles compared to property investments that simply involved buying a cash flow property.  With certain types of properties the risks are huge, and you might never see a dime out of your investment.

Owning real estate is nice, although if you are not advised to take unnecessary risks especially if you don’t have money to throw away. Do your due diligence whenever you’re about to spend money on property. Test, review reports, and analyzes in order to make a low-risk investment decision. Even though you may require the assistance of a realtor to help you get started, searching for a property should be done on your own.

This way you avoid the unnecessary pressure of the agent to purchase a type of property.  It’s really important to maintain an unbiased approach to the neighborhoods and properties positioned within your investment range. Don’t get emotionally involved and stick to basic principles to see returns.

Real Estate Investment 3

Scenario 3 – Real Estate Investments That Don’t Demand Managing Or Time

Certain types of properties require too much time for management to finally become smart investments. Some of the best examples are low-quality properties in notorious areas, vacation rentals, and college returns just to name a few. Boring properties that can be rented for extended periods of time to tenants that are decent payers are ideas choices because they take the least amount of time to manage. Furthermore, providing that you treat your tenants with respect and fairness you have the highest chances of building good relations. This reduces hassles when issues emerge.

It’s the wholly owned, nice, boring, cash flow positive, in good shape of properties that make the best investments. There are so many available in the current marketplace that it may sometimes be tough to make a choice. It is equally important that you research, work hard, and make educated, smart decisions to attain noticeable returns in real estate. Stay away from bad neighborhoods and if you’re not a professional investor you might want to avoid properties in bad conditions too.

Do you have want it takes to make it in the real estate business? Buying property is easier said than done. Before getting started you are advised to assess the market; check official websites and blogs, and when in doubt talk to an expert in the field. Don’t buy the first property that looks good, and remember to do your due diligence. In real estate, what you see is not always what you get!

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