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Online Dating [Infographic]

Author: Matthew Gates
Website: http://www.matthewgates.co/
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Do You Date Online?

Online Dating

Online dating has become more common, as many people are working and do not have the time to go sit at a bar for a few hours, waiting and hoping someone catches their eye, and they just happen to be the perfect match. That is one way of how it has been done for years, though not always successful. Other people might meet someone at the local library, a grocery store, or even meet through mutual friends. Dating is definitely not easy for either side. This does not mean people give up on dating altogether, but instead, they turn to online dating.

Dating is not always pleasant or easy. In fact, it is often tough, especially if you and the other person really don’t match at all and there is no chance, and one of you knows it, but the other doesn’t just yet. There is the awkwardness of continuing on the date and acting like you are getting to know the other person, but secretly in your head, you’re already making plans of what you are going to do tomorrow and other things you forgot to do, or whatever the case may be. Then the only real good thing that came out of the date is that one of you got a free dinner.

Online dating is a gift to many people who are often too shy to meet new people in real life or just find it awkward to approach others and attempt a conversation. Hours were spent trying to understand each other and it may even take several dates to see if you two like each other or have anything in common. Online dating eliminates many of the guessing at what someone is like, that is, if the person is telling the truth, than you can get an accurate picture of someone’s likes, dislikes, and even what they are looking for in the opposite sex.

Online Matchmaking sites help people skip all the bullshit and get directly to the point: This is who I am, this is what I do, this is what I am looking for… now all we have to do is meet and like each other. Sometimes easier said than done, and still many awkward moments, for those people who lie – especially putting up 10 year old photos when they were skinnier, and looked completely different. A lie from the start often ends a relationship before it has a chance to go anywhere.

Online dating can be very dangerous, as many online dating sites can only “look into” who a person is and do a potential background check. They often must take the word of the person who signs up for their website. More advanced matchmaking websites that charge more money are likely to be more trustworthy sites and invest their money into making sure their members are safe. They thrive on success stories and testimonials so they are better off ensuring their members are truthful and not deceitful.

Advice to those who are online dating: Never ever meet your date for the first time in a non-public place. Ensure that you are around people at all times and do not give them a chance to be alone with you, at least on the first date. Keep personal information to yourself. Agree to meet them somewhere instead of coming directly to your home. Never give out too much of your personal information to them. If you must, set up a double date or have your friends or family meet the person you are seeing. Friends and family can often see right through the person and pick up subtle hints that you might not be able to detect. Remember that red flags exist for a reason. Listen to your intuition. It will let you know what to do.

There are many successful relationships that began with online dating and everything turned out fine. There are others that didn’t end well. There are many more that just never happened. If online dating was very successful, everyone would be doing it. There are many people who sign up, pay their membership fees, and get no where. It is that way in real life too sometimes.

Welcome to the real world of dating.

This infographic provides insight into online dating.

Online Dating [Infographic]

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Online Dating by the Numbers

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Online dating services may resemble shopping to some extent. You can pick and choose, compare, or wait if nothing (or no-one for that matter) seems to be worth it.

In the United States of America, the online dating industry brings the largest revenue, second after the pornography industry.

The annual revenue of the online dating industry in 2007 was $1.03 billion, this figure is expected to grow to $1.65 billion in 2012.

Among all Internet services, online dating remains at the top.

In the past decade, the rate of growth online dating service was 154% per year.

In the year of 2011, around $932 million were spent on the marketing of online dating services.

Most Popular Dating Sites

29 million of United States members
$35.99 monthly fee

20 million of United States members
$59.95 monthly fee

1.5 million users monthly
$49.95 monthly

Matchmaking Business
One Manhattan Matchmaker’s Price begins at $20,000.

If a match leads to a marriage, the matchmaker expect a bonus.

The Multimillionaire Club
4M Multimillionaire Matchmaking Club
Based in Seatlle, WA.
Gathers only Single millionaires looking for love.

The Matchmaking Services charges between $10,000 and $30,000 for men.

Women in order to be listed as potential partners have to pay around $250.

There are around 100 million single people in the United States.

40% of the Adult American Single Population use online dating services.

The average annual amount spent by a dating site user is $239.

Online Dating Users

50% of all online daters are aged 18 - 34
24% of all online daters are aged 35 - 44.

52.4% male
47.6% female

20 million of all internet users visit at least one dating site a month.

Few of these 20 million users visit the dating sites more than once.

1 out of 5 singles have dated someone they met on an online dating site.

1 out of 5 people in a new committed relationship (including marriage) met their significant other on an online dating site.

17% of couples who got married in the last 3 years met on an online dating service, which gives more than 280,000 marriages a year.

Out of the total number of singles who seek online dating services, only 33% manage to get into a relationship.

Out of the remaining 66% of people, 33% lose hope and close their accounts.

While the other 33% keep searching for the right partner.

There are no quick fix one-size-fits-all solutions in terms of dating.

Going out with random people is risky and it can be a complete waste of time. Time is money. So if you value your time and if you are on the lookout for someone new, why not invest some money in online dating. It may be worth it.


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  • Online dating has become more common, as many people are working and do not have the time to go sit at a bar for a few hours, waiting and hoping someone catches their eye, and they just happen to be the perfect match.
  • This does not mean people give up on dating altogether, but instead, they turn to online dating.
  • Online dating eliminates many of the guessing at what someone is like and usually presents, if the person is telling the truth, an accurate picture of someone's likes, dislikes, and even what they are looking for in the opposite sex.