Which Office Stereotype Are You? [Infographic]

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Stereotypes Of The Office

Stereotype New Guy

Office culture is something which we are all very familiar with by now. The classic 9-5 grind is something that millions, if not billions of people experience every day.

Some love the experience of this, while others can’t stand it. In fact, due to the possibilities of wireless technology, more and more people are choosing to work away from the office.

Take a look at this recent research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which states that 24 percent of employees now do at least some of their work at home instead of in the workplace.

Despite this increase in remote workers, the majority of us are still placed in a generic office space.

Because of this, most will all be very aware of the usual trappings of a normal working day.

For example, while everyone in a particular office shares a similar set of skills, there is no guaranteeing that they have anything else in common.

This often leads to us all being defined by certain characteristics, leading to the classic use of nicknames or stereotyping.

The person who mentions sci-fi more than once might quickly become known as the nerd, while the worker obsessed with cleaning might become known as the office maid and so on.

However, have you ever stopped to wonder what other employees call you? Well, thanks to a new infographic from silverdoor.co.uk, now you can.

It’s called What Office Stereotype Are You? and by following a couple of simple questions, you’ll find out which kind of personality you are in the workplace.

Are you the closed book, messy eater, gossiper or any of the other wide-ranging stereotypes? Take a look at the infographic below and find out for yourself.

Working in an office forces a lot of different personalities into a small environment, and it’s important to make sure that they all mix together as well as possible!

Finding the right balance of personalities is just as important as having a broad set of skills, and will make sure that you have a happy and efficient workforce.

So with that in mind, which office stereotype do you think you fit? Take our quiz below to find out, but try not to take it too seriously!

Which Office Stereotype Are You? [Infographic]

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The Teacher’s Pet

You’re always doing whatever you can to get in the boss’ good books, even if it means throwing a couple of your workmates under the bus along the way!


There’s a fine line between being a hard worker and a suck-up!

The Messy Eater

With one eye on the clock, you live for lunch time! As soon as the clock hits twelve, you fill your desk with all kinds of messy and smelly foods, whether it be a tuna savoury sandwich, reheated leftovers from last night, or egg salad.

The Comedian

Always trying to make everyone laugh with your pranks and ‘top bantz’, you’re always trying to lift the mood in the place, even if it does sometimes get on your colleague’s nerves!

The Slacker

You know who you are! Always trying to delegate tasks to others, even though that’s the boss’ job, you’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, and have mastered the art of typing away looking like you’re doing something when you’re actually doing the exact opposite!

The Bore

Always bringing the mood down, you don’t get on board with any of the gossiping or joking around that goes on in the office.

Even though you’re a hard worker, how about lightening up a little?

The Gossiper

It’s not your fault you seem to overhear everything your colleagues are saying, is it? Not only are your ears always open, but you’re always happy to divulge what you hear with others, as it’s only fair!

The Closed Book

Every office has one, the person who sits there, dutifully getting on with their work, but never really integrating with everyone else.

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but would it hurt to open up a bit?

The Enabler

You’ve gone for your morning run, brought in your nuts to snack on, and prepared a nice healthy salad for lunch, but then along comes The Enabler.

This colleague has all the best intentions, but stuffing you full of biscuits and other sweet treats is the last thing you need!