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What Pet Peeves Annoy You Most In The Office?

I am reminded of the movie Office Space — and the many co-workers or bosses in it that bring out the worst pet peeves.

“Hold.. just a moment” repeated over and over.

“Yeah, about those TPS reports… we’re just going to resend you the memo in case you didn’t get it.”

“Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!”

From loud typing on the computer keyboard, to loud crunching on snacks, to sipping on coffee or tea, to a phone conversation that never seems like it will end, to two co-workers whose inside jokes never seem to end and you are not a part of it, to the pranks that are played on you, despite you wanting nothing to do with any of those lame jokes, to another co-worker sending you a YouTube video and asking if you got it and have watched it a minute later, to yet another co-worker who has a filthy unorganized desk and sits right next to you, to a company that tends to throw an unnecessary meeting every other day, to a boss who is constantly standing behind your back stalking you to make sure you are working.

The list of Pet Peeves is endless and how you deal with it everyday and still get your job done is beyond anything you will probably ever understand.

This infographic contains a list of the top pet peeves in the office cubicle that most likely bother you too.

Office Pet Peeves [Infographic]

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Office Pet Peeves

LinkedIn examines what’s driving professionals up the cubicle wall…

Top 5 Pet Peeves

  1. People not taking ownership for their actions
  2. Constant complainers
  3. Dirty common areas
  4. Starting meetings late or going long
  5. People who don’t respond to emails


Peeves That Stand Out by Country

Taking food from the refrigerator that isn’t yours – United States 65% vs. 52% worldwide

[More accepting of] clothing that’s too revealing in the workplace – Sweden 19% vs 36% worldwide

Excessive gossiping – Brazil 83% vs 62% worldwide

Loud or irritating mobile phone ringtones – India 74% vs. 51% worldwide

Office pranks – Japan 40% vs. 18% worldwide


Most Peeved Country


On average, Indian professionals selected 19 out of 38 pet peeves listed on the survey.

Least Peeved Country


Italian professionals selected only 15 of 38 pet peeves listed on the survey.

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