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Nine Tips For Attracting Bigger Sponsors

Author: Jeff Murphy
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Nine Ideas for Attracting Bigger Sponsors

Hosting a conference is definitely a big deal. It also involves a wide range of difficult tasks, including the finding of big sponsors. When it comes to finding such sponsors, there are several tips that can be followed to make the task a bit simpler. Let's take a close look at nine tips that will help you find bigger sponsors for your next business conference.

Tip 1. Approach the Marketing Department

For many sponsors, the decision to take part in sponsorships will be one driven by business-purposes. Keeping this in mind, it is oftentimes a good idea to speak with an entity's marketing department rather than the owner. If you can get the marketing department to hop on board, you will have a better shot at convincing the owner he or she needs to sponsor your conference.

Tip 2. Use Personal Connections

One of the best ways for you to attract big sponsors for your next business conference is through personal connections. Such connections can include those found through business connections, family or friends.

Tip 3. Contact Sponsors in Advance

If you are planning on hosting an event in which you honor one of your sponsor's chief executives, you need to contact the entity at least two years in advance. Some sponsors have a limited number of times a certain person can be honored each year, so you will want to make sure your complying with such limits. Otherwise, you may end up losing the sponsor or having to wait two additional years until you can host the event.

Tip 4. Use a Gentle Approach

Without the right, gentle approach, you can forget about attracting big sponsors. You need to make sure you are fully prepared when you make your approach. More importantly, after you have make your pitch, make sure you send a thank-you note.

Tip 5. Ask for a One-Time Donation

The economy is rough. Make sure you make this known when you go about attracting big sponsors. If you are somewhat short on your overall goal, ask for one-time donations from certain sponsors, and understand that one time means one time.

Tip 6. Use Social Media

Using social media to attract big sponsors has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways at helping you get the sponsors you have been looking for. From private networks to Facebook to LinkedIn, use the platforms to your advantage.

Tip 7. Use Event Apps

If you are looking to obtain ROI data as well as specific event analytics, you will benefit from using event apps like

Tip 8. Promote Sponsorships

If you are looking for sponsors, you need to market and promote this. Otherwise, sponsors won't know you need their help. Also, make sure that sponsors know where their funds will be applied. In doing this, sponsors will be well aware of what their money is going to be used for, which will make them feel more comfortable in sponsoring your business conference.

Tip 9. Be Organized

Without a well-organized conference, you are sure to scare away both your current and potential sponsors. Every small detail needs to be attended to when it comes to hosting a business conference, so make sure you hire a professional event planner.

For a conference to be successful, you will need great sponsors. If you take your time and employ much effort, you will be well on your way to attracting bigger sponsors.

Jeff Murphy has worked as a marketing specialist for the past 9 years. He recommends learning more about event apps by visiting

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  • Attract big sponsors for your next business conference through personal connections.
  • Plan on hosting an event in which you honor one of your sponsor's chief executives? Contact the entity at least two years in advance.
  • Some sponsors have a limited number of times a person can be honored each year, so make sure you comply with such limits.
  • Using social media to attract big sponsors has proven to be effective for getting the sponsors you want.