Confessions of the Professions Simplifies Navigation Menu

Confessions of the Professions Simplifies Menu, Adds New Hover Tab

February 13, 2015 – In our efforts to keep things on Confessions of the Professions as minimal and as simple as possible, with emphasis to reduce clutter, we realized that when we removed the sidebar from the website, we were cluttering our menu with items that we thought would still be useful and were important to readers. In our continuing efforts to simplify this, we have taken the majority of navigational menu items that included Resources, RSS feed, Games, Articles For You, and Contact Us, and moved them over to the right side into their own tabbed section, visible on every page, but out of the way.

These tabbed panel is known as Resources, and will be used for “Miscellaneous” items that we feel do not need to be on the navigation menu. The navigation menu contains only things pertaining to navigating through the content on the website including confessions, articles, infographics, and ebooks, leaving intact a random confession feature and a search feature. We feel this is all that was needed on a navigation menu. For additional resources, simply hover your mouse over to the resources section and navigation to the page you wish to visit. These items may not be available on mobile devices, as the main focus is always on the Confessions of the Professions.

The Resources panel contains:

  • Promotions: anything Confessions of the Professions is promoting, including links, discounts, coupons, or website promotions from its visitors. Feel free to promote your own website or product for a small fee using this page as your source.
  • Articles For You: these are external links to news resources and other articles we and our visitors have found while browsing the Internet.
  • News: Confessions of the Professions news articles pertaining to updates and information regarding Confessions of the Professions.
  • Resources: external resources that may be helpful to you depending on your situation.
  • Games: get away from work for a few minutes with a few quiet simple games.
  • RSS feed: if you have a screen reader or an RSS feed reader, feel free to use this to get Confessions of the Professions delivered to you.
  • Subscriptions Signup Form: Want to visit Confessions of the Professions everyday but just get behind on the updates? We’ll send you an updated list of confessions once a week. No spam, and very few emails.
  • Contact Us: Want to get in touch with Confessions of the Professions for media inquiries, submission of a confession, or just to compliment or criticize us? Drop us a line.
  • Donate: We run this website with very minimal ads and we do keep it on a VPS for enhanced performance and security in order to deliver you a high quality fast website. We appreciate and accept donations in any amount. None of it goes into our pockets and it all goes towards paying for the cost of the server.

Any additional resources will eventually be added here.

We feel that this is the best way to have a semi-sidebar without having all the clutter of an actual sidebar on the website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to keep to a simple minimalistic design and deliver to you a high performance website without any delays and very little load and wait time as you are reading the confessions.




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