Confessions Of The Professions Now Fully On CDN

Confessions Of The Professions Switched To CDN

January 10, 2017 — In May 2016, we stated we were moving all of our images and infographics over to a CDN, which would help boost site speed and load times, freeing up resources and demands on our server. This process is now complete and all of the assets that were originally uploaded to our website are now “in the cloud”. We also made everyone aware that if any sites had copied our images or infographics directly, that at the end of 2016, we would be removing the files, which will render these images obsolete on your website. You may still link to our CDN images and infographics, but any images you currently have pointing to the old links will no longer work. If you are still linking to these old files, you may want to update the links.

This will help not only our desktop visitors, but our mobile visitors for faster page loading. In addition, we offer other forms of speedy page loads, offering HTML-only pages and to keep up to speed with Google, we are also AMP-enabled and AMP-friendly. While our AMP-friendly versions of our webpages may not always load for you on your mobile or tablet device, as AMP is strictly controlled by what Google prefers to show you, we have manually enabled a way for you to access our AMP pages by adding /amp at the end of any URL, or by clicking on the lightning bolt icon (), located just under the Headline of every article.

We feel this move was necessary to eliminate and unload demand from our VPS server. In a series of tests, we went from a page load of 3-4 seconds down to under a second, with the average time coming in at 0.3 – 0.4 milliseconds, and even on occasion, 0.1 – 0.2 milliseconds. While our visitors may not notice these speeds at all, as the difference between 0.1 millisecond to 0.4 millisecond would hardly be noticeable, we are adamant about our website loading quickly for you. We also offer our page load times at the bottom of every page, for your information and reference, so you can see how fast pages are loading for you.

While our focus certainly is on the content of Confessions of the Professions, we are always working for faster page speeds and loading of this website, no matter what speed your Internet connection is and no matter what devices you are using to connect and read our website. Website and Page speed are of the utmost importance to us and we are always continually looking for new ways to deliver our website to you at top speeds. We want our images and infographics to instantly load for you and even if you prefer to directly link to them, putting them on your own website, we want them to show 100% of the time, so while our website does occasionally experience a hiccup or two every so often, and some downtime, our assets should never go down.

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