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Confessions Of The Professions: Mature Content Tab Removed

Dirty Confessions still exists but will no longer be visible on the Main Menu!

January 6, 2014 — When we first went live and received our first mature adult content confession, also known as dirty confession, we had to make a decision: Publish it or let it go by the wayside. We felt that it was a confession that deserved to be on the Confessions of the Professions website. We made a conscious decision then that no confessions would ever not be published unless they did not meet the requirements to be published. For any confession to be published on Confessions of the Professions, a confession must simply meet a requirement of about  300 - 500 words and often must make some kind of point.

With that, there were quite a few confessions that were deemed to be adult rated, x-rated, containing mature adult content, or labeled as erotica or erotic literature. While erotic literature is not deemed as pornographic material by search engines and while this site does not allow pornographic images or videos, it does publish text stories.

While we strongly believe that no material or content should ever be filtered or blocked, we do feel that in order to move forward as a professional website, including attracting new sponsored and paid ad links, we must remove the Dirty Confessions tab. Our website is run only by a volunteer and volunteers who submit articles. While we would love to continue running this website and do it without payment, we do have to keep up with our hosting costs, so we must do our best to attract sponsors.

We did not want to make it impossible to find the dirty confessions, so rather than give up our Dirty Confessions completely, which we still plan to publish, we have included a link in the Confessions Archive. You may still find all Dirty Confessions listed under the Confessions Archive. We have provided a link to the Dirty Confessions in the archive.

We appreciate your understanding and are happy to have you as a visitor and reader!