Confessions of the Professions introduces Videos For You

A Video Says More Than A Thousand Words

This feature is still currently available, but no longer public, and is currently being revised.

April 26, 2014 — At Confessions of the Professions, we are always thinking up new ways to help you understand your job and deal with it. If we can spark a little happiness into your work life, we have done our jobs. If we can make your life a little better, we have done our jobs. If we can help your boss realize that you are a human being with feelings and needs, we have done our jobs. We at Confessions of the Professions allow for visitors, guests, authors, and daily contributors to share links, news, and any resourceful website pertaining to the workplace, careers, and jobs on a page called Articles For You. By sharing these links, you are helping others discover information that you are reading and information they may be looking for. From what we can tell, Articles For You has been a great success. Many of our visitors may not know they can share links, but we certainly enjoy sharing them! We decided to go a step further and offer Videos For You.

The Internet is not just filled with text and infographics, but there are literally millions of videos uploaded to the Internet each day covering a variety of different topics. While we are not interested in every video uploaded to the Internet, we certainly are interested in videos about anything related to the workplace, jobs, careers, finances, work-life balance, student life, etc. If you come across any videos, we encourage you to share what you have seen! Whether you are on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Break, etc., we encourage the sharing of knowledge of what you are watching!

We will also be posting videos we think are useful to you. We decided to not put videos we discovered in the mainstream, but as a Resource instead. You can find it on every page on the sidebar, under Resources, Videos For You.

We hope you enjoy, share with others, and find this section useful!





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