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Confessions of the Professions introduces Problems and Solutions

Solutions to all your problems may be found on Confessions of the Professions

May 30, 2014 — Confessions of the Professions introduces a Problems and Solutions section, a way to find solutions to your problems. Whether you are having computer issues, house issues, save some extra money, or making an effort to get rid of the common cold, there may just be a solution for you!

Solutions comes in its own section and is an offset of the articles and confessions. Solutions are meant to discover issues, bring up certain topics, and offer a solution or many solutions to solving the problem. All visitors are encouraged to submit their problems and solutions. Solutions are often found through self-discovery or common knowledge previously used in the past. Some upcoming solutions are: Shopping, Computer Software, Free Healthcare Advice, Voluntary Simplicity, to Simple Ways of Losing Weight or Drinking water, and much more.

If you know something that others may not know, share the problem you faced and how you ended up dealing with a solution to fix the problem. Whether in your personal or professional life, if you have solved a problem that many others may or may know know about, share your knowledge! Every job has its problems and issues, and there is always a solution to every problem or issue. You are encouraged to share your solution!

We look forward to seeing what kind of problems you have faced in the past and the solutions you have come up with to solve those problems.  Feel free to share!

Make a Confession today and share your problems and solutions!