Confessions of the Professions Introduces FontAwesome

Confessions of the Professions Installs FontAwesome CSS

December 26, 2014Confessions of the Professions is happy to announce the implementation of the FontAwesome script, which allows for easy font implementation. This is a great tool utilized by many web developers which offers an abundance of many different icons, in the attempt to minimize usage of images, which take time to download. By utilizing this new feature, all visitors can expect an increase in website speed, as no images need to be downloaded.

Confessions of the Professions is always looking for new ways to speed up the website. While the website uses Caching and runs on a Varnish Cache server, and serves most of its images from other servers, there is always plenty of methods that can be implemented into any website for super fast speeds. By using FontAwesome for Social Media Icons and other menu icons, Confessions of the Professions expects visitors will not have to wait for those specific images, even if it means just seconds, to load.

Some menu items have also been replaced in our efforts to make the site navigation easier. In the menu above, the Home tab has been replaced with the FontAwesome icon of a Home. In addition to this menu item, the “Games” tab has been replaced with a “Gamepad” or “Controller” icon, the “Random” tab has been replaced with a “Shuffle” icon, the “Search” tab has been replaced with the “Magnifying Glass” icon, and the RSS feed, which was originally an icon that had to be downloaded each time a visitor came to the website, has been replaced with an “RSS feed” image.

We have also added a “Cloud Download” image to every Infographic article near the “PDF Version” link, so users will know they can download a PDF version of the file. We hope by putting this image here, it will grab more visitor attention, as many may not know there is a PDF version of every infographic available.

Finally, we did away with the Quick Contact form and added an “Email” icon into the menu.

Where applicable, we will continue to utilize FontAwesome on the website, which uses no jpg, gif, or png images, but rather uses fonts instead, speeding up the website. What this actually means to every visitor: Your computer no longer has to download any of these images from Confessions of the Professions.




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