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Confessions of the Professions Introduces Estimated Reading Time

How long it will take you to read a confession?

February 4, 2014 — A simple, yet useful feature is being introduced on Confessions of the Professions called Estimated Reading Time. For now, it is here to stay and provide insight to all readers in how long an article should take you to read. The reading time is based upon on the average time it takes an American adult to read a page at around 250 - 300 words per minute. While we cannot cover our faster readers or our glimpsers, we sure do hope this helps our regular readers get a perspective on how long it takes them to read a specific article or confession.

Estimated Reading Time

Finding the location of your estimated read time is quite simple: It is located just under the title of every confession. This is an area we feel is the least obtrusive. If you did not already know, you can always find out where a confession or article resides. Every post on Confessions of the Professions is a confession, but not every post is an article, but you can always determine what the post is by looking right under the title. Added to this area is the Estimated Read Time feature.

The longest article on Confessions of the Professions, Confessions from the Blue Planet Project is estimated to be read in about 30 minutes, with the average estimated reading time around 5 to 8 minutes. The shortest estimated reading time, with a video confession, runs around 3 minutes long — though Confessions of the Professions cannot estimate the actual time a video “takes to read”.

Now you might find it challenging or entertaining, but if you want to use the Estimated Read Time as your guide, you may do so, or you may even read faster and try to beat the Estimated Read Time! Can you beat the estimated time? Feel free to let us know in the comments of the article you are reading!

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do!