Confessions of the Professions introduces Articles for You

Confessions of the Professions introduces Articles for You

Information from you, for you, by you

July 28, 2013 — Confessions of the Professions introduces Articles for You, an interactive section which allows for visitors to share and discuss the links to articles they discover and find useful, resourceful, and helpful. No registration is necessary to share a link or discuss it with others.

Articles can be from any source on the Internet including Google News, Yahoo News, AOL, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any blog or article source. Links to articles should contain information regarding the workplace, careers, jobs, finances, money, colleges and universities, or any other resources that may help anyone.


There is no harm in sharing links. All links will be monitored to ensure they link to quality content that is useful, resourceful, and helpful to visitors. Confessions of the Professions will also share links with its visitors. With the issues of duplicate content arising from around the Internet, this section was created to combat the issue. Instead of republishing or reposting content and risking duplicate content from other sites, we prefer to just share the link to the information we find useful.

Articles For You is located on the right side of the page under Resources and also includes a list of recently shared articles under Latest Articles for You.





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