Confessions of the Professions Cleans Clutter to Minimalism

Confessions of the Professions To Return To Minimalist Design

January 22, 2015 — In our efforts to improve the overall speed and quality of Confessions of the Professions, as well as minimize distractions, where previously, we felt that there was too much going on while reading articles on the sidebar, we decided to do some website winter cleaning. We want our readers to feel comfortable, relaxed, and without distractions in order to read any confessions, articles, or infographics on Confessions of the Professions. We are returning to minimalism and making it a priority we are committed to minimalist pages and distraction-free reading.

We went through each item on the side menu, thoroughly examining its importance and use factor on the website. Eliminating each item one by one, we determined that there were very few reasons why any of those items were to remain, causing distraction, and possibly causing a factor in the speed and performance of the Confessions of the Professions.

In terms of speed and performance, we do our best to ensure you are delivered content quickly and without any delay. In our efforts to ensure this occurs and you receive the best performance in website speed, no matter what browser you use, no matter what device you are on, and no matter what Internet speed you are using, you should receive a fairly fast loading web page.

We are committed to making sure that our website is loaded in mere seconds, with our ultimate goal being under a second for page load time, no matter what content you are viewing, no matter what you are reading, whether it is a confession, article, ebook, infographic. We feel that anything on our website should be served to you instantly and we will accept nothing less.

For those items that we removed, we added them elsewhere or removed them completely. Most of the items that were removed were added as icons into the navigation menu. Some items were moved into the Resources page, while others were just completely eliminated, as we felt these items were not really relevant our  readers and visitors.

Make a Confession, a link that has been present ever since the beginning of Confessions of the Professions was also removed and placed up top in the navigation menu next to the Home (House icon) button. We encourage you to submit your confessions, but felt this was not needed in the sidebar.

As you are reading, you can see what others have also read. This is different from Recent Confessions, as this gives you a live feed of the most recently viewed confessions. We feel that this causes the least distraction, while also providing for you the most relevant content that is being read while you are reading.

We hope you enjoy the experience of the new look and faster speed.

Thank you for being a reader and visitor of Confessions of the Professions.




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