Confessions of the Professions Adds AMP

Confessions of the Professions Now Utilizing AMP

September 7, 2016 —  The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open source project and service to accelerate content on mobile devices and began in February of 2016. It remains Google’s ongoing efforts to continue speeding up the Internet by eliminating JavaScript and any unnecessary scripts that slow down the Internet, including the removal of advertisements.  While AMP was not meant to replace traditional websites, it was put in place to help countries with slower Internet connections with the ability to read websites without waiting for the pages to load. Pages take less than 2 seconds to load, as text is the only thing rendered while photos and other objects that are not deemed text are not loaded at all.

In our efforts to keep up with the latest trends, as we certainly agree with Google in speeding up the Internet, we have converted all of our pages into AMP versions, available at the top (denoted with a lightning bolt symbol) and bottom of every article on Confessions of the Professions which can be seen no matter what device you are using. This, however, also means that pages that contain infographics may or may not show the infographics, however, for the majority of our infographics, we offer a text-friendly version so that seeing the actual image of the infographic is unnecessary, as most of the information from the infographic, to the best of our ability, is written out on the page. This will help in speeding up loading our pages on any device.

Coinciding with our AMP version of Confessions of the Professions is an HTML version, which still loads images and other assets, along with some JavaScript, however, it does not connect to a database, which speeds up the site greatly. We want to make your experience enjoyable, no matter how you view our website, but we are happy to offer a variety of methods to view our pages. Between the regular version, HTML, and AMP version, you should have no problem viewing our website at all. We hope to continue speeding our website and webpages up so everything becomes instant. We will continue keeping up with the trends, abiding by Google Guidelines and suggestions, in the effort to keep our website as fast as necessary.

If you wish to view any page in the AMP version, simply add /amp to the end of the URL.