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April 5, 2013 — Confessions of the Professions has added translations for many different languages. The feature is an add-on that translates the entire site. The adopted add-on is from Google Translate and translates the website into over 50 languages. A single click will translate the entire website into the selected language.

While no program is perfect at translating and we cannot guarantee what you are reading will make sense when translated into another language, we sure hope that the feature will help you if English is not your language. There are no plans to translate Confessions of the Professions into any official language other than English. Since its launch, Confessions of the Professions has received visitors from Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Chile, France, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, and many other places from around the world.

It is our belief that anyone and everyone who goes to work deals with the same exact issues, the same stress, the conflicts, the problems, the excitement, the adventure, and the rewards of going to work. We wanted to offer a solution for the world to connect with us. We do hope the visitors who do not speak English have found the site helpful with the translations and we are very excited to attract people from many different countries.

Although Confessions of the Professions is run on very little budget and all volunteer time, we are willing to accept any help that is offered. If you are interested in volunteering your time to translating pages, confessions, and articles, please contact us.

The Translation feature can be found on the right side under Translate To Your Language.