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Confessions of the Professions to Host All Images

Images now located on Confessions of the Professions

February 6, 2014 — Confessions of the Professions receives confessions and articles from many different contributing authors. For those confessions and articles that include images, there are many that are hosted on sites like,,,, and others.

When publishing anything on Confessions of the Professions, we often keep all confessions and articles as is, without any major modifications, except for spelling mistakes and minor paragraph formatting issues. Images were all kept intact and original as well including linking from their original sources.

Although the major photo hosting websites are primary sources for CDNs and make great hosts for images and in most cases because they hardly ever go down, there are times where older articles and confessions do not display these images properly, or there may be an issue with the source website. Authors may delete images, make them private, or restrict access to certain users, thus forcing images on Confessions of the Professions to be incomplete, resulting in a 404 error page and an empty image on the page i.e. Red X within the photograph.

We continue to urge all contributing authors to link to these websites like normal and give credit where it is due. None of these changes to the website will affect you directly. We are just informing you of the automation process that will convert all of those links into images that will be put on our own servers. This will help us solve any future issues with images so we no longer have to worry what an old article or confession looks like or what images work or don’t work. It does not mean that we own the images and if asked because of any copyright issues, we will remove them accordingly.

While we feel that the majority of our confessions and articles are evergreen — meaning they never expire and are always “fresh material” no matter what year it is, we certainly want to make sure they look that way too! So we feel it is in our best interest to host all images.

You may download all images provided on Confessions of the Professions and even link to them if you wish. Be sure to give credit where it is due! We know they will always be up for as long as we are up.