Confessions of the Professions Quick Glimpse Update

Confessions of the Professions Updates That Quick Glimpse Look

January 14, 2016  — In an effort to improve our code, as we are always striving to ensure that our website is visible on all devices, we have updated Quick Glimpse. We were working on improving some backend code when the update caused Quick Glimpse to break. Unfortunately, our old Quick Glimpse code utilized JavaScript and JQuery, which did not mesh well with some newer code we implemented that would speed up our site. We also noticed that it was very slow to roll out when scrolled over. Therefore, we decided to write new code for Quick Glimpse, and instead of using the slower JavaScript and JQuery code, we went back to an old, but very efficient method, using CSS code and Div containers.

The improvement had a great side-effect which led to speed increases and a much nicer look. You can find the Quick Glimpse tab on the left side of every article, denoted by a sticky note:

Quick Glimpse is located on the left of every page as a tab, which displays a summary of the confession when your mouse scrolls over it. Quick Glimpse was designed to give readers a quick summary, in about 4 or 5 bullet points, of the article. Quick Glimpse is for the lazy reader, the reader who wants to get to the point immediately, or the reader who just does not want to read the entire article.

The Quick Glimpse feature still offers the same functionality as the old Quick Glimpse, but is much faster and more efficient, offering room for more bullet points if necessary, while allowing its bullet points to be read easily and quickly. This feature was meant to help readers get the information they need in a short amount of time, so no functionality was change.

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