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January 20, 2014 — Confessions of the Professions has been offering cheap advertising space ever since its inception. While banners are acceptable, the preferred method of advertising is through text links. There were several ways to advertise your website up until recently.

1. Become a Partner: A link to your website would be placed on the sidebar of every page showing your support for this website.

2. Text Link on every Confession: Get listed before AND/OR after every article on the website.

3. Text Link on specific Confession: Get listed before AND/OR after the confessions you want to place your link on.

Option 2 is no longer available as Option 3 allows for a Page Buyout, in which no other links will be placed alongside the text link(s) that is (are) purchased. There is no extra fee for this feature, but the Text Link(s) must be purchased for a year in order to receive this benefit. In the future, Option 2 may become available, but Option 3 will always overrule Option 2. At this time, Option 2 is obsolete. However, if you do wish to be listed on every confession before and after every article, you may still request it. Your text links will not be listed on pages with a Page Buyout.

All text links purchased will abide by Google’s Guidelines which is why they are offered at cheaper rate. Links will still bring traffic and visitors to your website, but Confessions of the Professions, following the strict guidelines of Google is not allowed to pass any link juice from purchased text links.

Though nofollow links scare many advertisers away, the fact is: They are the same as Google Adwords. Google itself, abiding by its own rules, cannot pass pagerank to its customers. Therefore, when using adwords and buying ad space from Google, that is just what the customer is buying: Ad space. The outcome is increased impressions and clicks to the website. Google does not guarantee clicks at all unless the customer chooses the option to pay only for clicks.

While Confessions of the Professions does not offer such an option of pay-per-click, it does offer cheap advertising with the possibility of getting clicks. The longer you are listed on the website, the more potential and possibility of visitors that are likely to visit the links you purchased.

Paid advertising of Text Links starts as cheap as $2 per month to be listed on specific confessions. Becoming a Partner of Confessions of the Professions and having your link listed on the sidebar is $5 per month. If purchased for at least 6 months, the text links you provide are bolded and made to stand out. You have nothing to lose by purchasing text links!

Why choose to have your link placed on specific confessions? By choosing this option, you will reach a more target specific audience that you are trying to reach. The majority of readers often end up searching Google to find things they want to read that cater to them. For example, someone looking for information about being or working as a Web Cam model may search Google and end up on one of the most popular confessions on the website: Webcam Model. If your Text Link is similar to the information on this page, you are more likely to get clicks and visitors to your website. If, however, it does not correspond to the page, but you still want to advertise on it —for example: Your Text Link is about banking, than you are probably not going to receive the turnout you want because most visitors to Webcam Model are not looking for banking information— and the most effective thing you have done on this page is make people aware that you exist and that your link exists on this page. It is highly recommended that you choose specific confessions that your website is related to and that you want to be listed on that encourage visitors to Confessions of the Professions to click on your link.

Why choose to become a Partner? By having your link listed on every page, you are more likely to get clicks from daily visitors to Confessions of the Professions regardless of what they are reading, where they are on the site — anywhere on the site. You are more visible here than anywhere on the website. Your link is placed above the fold and it shows that you are a supporter of this website.

Consider placing Text Links on Confessions of the Professions. Your investment not only helps you to advertise your link, but it also helps support the costs of running Confessions of the Professions.

We appreciate your interest, loyalty, and support for Confessions of the Professions.

We look forward to seeing your links on our website! Thank you!