Confessions of the Professions Offers Hosting Images

Image Hosting has been discontinued indefinitely as we are now focusing on the resources of our contributors only.

Confessions of the Professions Hosts Files and Images

September 1, 2015 — Several months ago, we introduced a beta Image Hosting Service that was short-lived. Although it was far from anything popular, we thought it served a great purpose of serving up images for people looking to host their images. The gallery we used, unfortunately, was not ideal, and took up too much space visually on the website. Therefore, we decided to do away with a public storage image gallery until we found something better to offer.

Fortunately, after a few months of forgetting about it, we finally just decided to write the script ourselves, and we are offering to you the opportunity for you to store files and images on Confessions of the Professions for free. We do not monitor these uploaded files and we cannot send you a link to your file if you happen to lose the shortcode you receive to return to the file. Share the link with your friends or social media networks. The file is simply a temporary solution to store a file without having to register for the service.

With our File Hosting Service, you can upload any file you wish for up to about 64 MB. Most files, such as documents, PDFs, images, etc. can be stored. All of the potentially dangerous file extensions cannot be uploaded and will be rejected by the server. The catch? Temporary File Storage. After you upload a file, you will receive a shortlink code which will not be provided ever again once you leave the page. You do not have to worry about a file being on our servers indefinitely, as our servers will automatically purge files older than 7 days old.

With our Image Hosting Service, you can upload any image file you wish, in the format of jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and pdf, for up to 64 MB. No registration is necessary. Any other file that is not an image file or an acceptable image file will be rejected by the server. You have the choice of having your image uploaded into the public gallery or remain in the shadows. If you choose the public option, you can see and retrieve your link always.

If you choose not to select the public option, your file will be uploaded and remain private. You will be given the shortlink code just once. After that, your file may disappear into oblivion. No images are ever deleted and will remain on our servers permanently. If you need a more temporary solution for hosting images, we encourage you to use our File Hosting Service. You may hotlink to the image directly or by the shortlink. While we monitor the images uploaded very lightly, we ask that you respect the usage of the image hosting gallery, and be careful not to upload indecent or extremely violent and graphic photographs or pornography.

Please be courteous and enjoy the usage of our hosting services.