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Confessions of the Professions Off Weekends

Confessions and Articles will no longer be published on Weekends

April 10, 2014 — We at Confessions of the Professions love to write articles. We love to give you high quality articles and the best unique articles. We have published anywhere from 1 to 3 articles every day for the past year and a half. In order to continue giving you high quality articles, we have reduced this number to no more than one article per day. If we have ever missed a day to publish an article, we chose to miss the day because we felt we did not need to publish an article that day. We are always looking for articles, but we are only human too!

We appreciate our fans and loyal readers. We hope you continue to read our great articles and continue to contribute your own! We know there are plenty of readers on the weekends, but the weekends should definitely be for catch-up! Therefore, it is with a firm decision that we have decided to cease publication of articles on Saturdays and Sundays from now on. We are letting you know: We are taking off on the weekends because we need some rest and recuperation. There will be no more articles on Saturdays and Sundays unless it is for a special occasion or an article written for a special occasion. We will still do our best to deliver to you about 5 unique articles per week for as long as we can until we run out of ideas or get bored! We may eventually reduce our publication of articles in the future, but for now, we will still continue to deliver an abundance of great articles and confessions throughout the week!

We are always looking for help!  We need your articles and your knowledge to make this website possible! If you wish to contribute articles, please consider making a confession.  We appreciate all of your contributions and thank you for reading Confessions of the Professions!