Confessions of the Professions Now Officially Responsive

Confessions of the Professions is a Responsive Design

April 17, 2015 – In practicing what we preached, as we spoke about in Website Pet Peeves and Essential Web Pages On Your Company Website [Part 2], we gave advice that all websites should be responsive by now or close to being there. Unfortunately, we were not quite there yet ourselves, and while we did offer a separate mobile website, our template was completely unresponsive when adjusting screen sizes. You may test it out right now by moving the height and width of your browser window.

For those web developers who are using Google Webmaster Tools, if your website is not currently responsive, you may have received a message from Google that there may be issues with your website on mobile along with a list of issues that need to be corrected. While Google has is not penalizing websites for not being responsive, responsive websites tend to be more favorable for Google and visitors, as a responsive design can be viewed on any screen, with the website adjusting according to the screen size.


Responsive design and mobile design are slightly different, though they can go hand in hand, with responsive design determining the size of the screen and adjusting accordingly, versus a mobile design, which is designed to look great on any mobile or tablet device. We know that the majority of visitors to most websites nowadays are reading on-the-go or during their bathroom times, or while doing quick research, and expect websites to be responsive and meet the standards of today’s design. In keeping up with the times and ensuring that we comply with the latest trends and technology, along with search engine criteria, we have now made Confessions of the Professions a responsive design.

While Confessions of the Professions may not be 100% perfect on all mobile devices, it should now be readable on all devices and adjust dependent upon the device being used. We will continue to strive hard to ensure you are delivered high quality content that is readable on all devices. If you experience any issues on your mobile device with our responsive design, we encourage you to contact us with the device you are using so we can work to fix it immediately. We appreciate your support and efforts to help us out in making sure that Confessions of the Professions can be read on any and every screen size, mobile device, or tablet device.

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