Confessions of the Professions Introduces Complaints About Companies

Confessions of the Professions Page of Shame for Companies

August 6, 2015 — What do you do when a company has wronged you and nothing you do is getting anything accomplished? You have sent countless emails, phone calls, and even used the technical support chat room that some company websites offer. The company wronged you by not sending you the wrong product or never sending it at all. A search of the Internet reveals a laundry list of customer complaints, and had you known about this, you would never done business with them in the first place.

Three websites that help with customer complaints and consumer affairs are: Better Business Bureau, ConsumerAffairs, and RipOffReport.


These websites expose companies, investigate companies, and publicize the wrongful practices of companies that are not doing proper business with their customers, stealing from them, ignoring them, or practicing fraudulent affairs. While these websites should be plenty, we also wanted to participate and ensure that these companies are exposed to their full potential, for whatever they did that wronged you, we are on your side. Had these companies done their job correctly, you would have never complained. We believe your story and we want you to tell it to the Internet. We have set up a Page of Shame, where you can share with us the great details of what a company did to wrong you.

Not only will we have a record of it, but it will never be deleted or removed from our website. We want these companies to suffer the way you suffered, the way they took your hard earned money or the way they had no concern for your issue, even though they are the ones who caused it. We want to ensure these companies are recognized for the scams and bad practices they participate in to make sure no one ever does business with them again.

If you were wronged by a company, we encourage you to share your experience on our Page of Shame for Companies.




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