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Confessions of the Professions Increases Font-Size

Confessions of the Professions Ups Font-Size

December 31, 2016 - In reviewing possible changes to our website for the upcoming 2016 year, as Confessions of the Professions likes to keep improving upon our website each year, keeping up to date with a modern look, and ensuring it meets all standards on all devices, we noticed something that probably would not be too noticed. When trying to read our articles, while it was all very possible, it seemed very crammed. We adjusted the line-height to give it additional spacing, tampered with margins to see if that might help with the viewing of the content, and we even tried widening the text. After playing around with the content for some time, we noticed it started to hurt our eyes a bit. We then tampered with the font and that certainly wasn't the issue. It happened to be, however, that once we increased the font-size, we became aware of a great improvement. Not only was the font now bigger, but it became easier to read.

Some of this inspiration did come from Medium, in which the font is naturally big, making it much more welcome. We understand that most people could easily increase their font-size via the browser, but the majority do not, as they have no idea that the setting even exists. We feel it is in our best interest to increase the font-size for all of our readers. It is not only important for better vision, but for making content easier to read. Along with other changes to the font-size, we expanded the content area so it is now wider. The content is still left-aligned and the line-height change was made several months ago, to space it out slightly.

In our efforts to make Confessions of the Professions more user-friendly, easier to use, and easier to read, we felt this font-size change was necessary. If you prefer the old way, with smaller font-size, you can adjust the setting on your browser to make the font-size 90% instead of 100% which will decrease the font-size. There is no manual setting on Confessions of the Professions to make the font smaller or large, but by default, it is now a bigger font-size at 16px and the font is Georgia, which fits our theme and style. We hope you enjoy and appreciate this change. We are constantly working on improving readability to make reading confessions and enjoyable experience.