New Job Over Winter Break

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I was so looking forward to winter break and getting to visit England to work for William. We had been planning this trip since fall had turned to winter. It would be a nice treat to get away from it all make some extra money and actually enjoy the snow instead of dreading driving in it. I am the planner, so I naturally planned out as many details of the trip as possible. I would be arriving on a Thursday and departing on the following Wednesday back home.

After arriving at the airport I started the party a little bit early hitting the bar for a cocktail. I’m not much of a drinker at all, but when I’m flying it is the only thing that gets me by and this was going to be a long flight. By the time I landed ready for a nap! I knew William would be waiting for me at the airport like he promised, but I was a bit nervous meeting him for the first time. He had enjoyed my writing and really wanted me to do some editing for him. I assured him I could have done it from the states, but he really wanted to meet me. William was much older than me, but was so handsome. He had an air about him that caused me to be a bit nervous around him. He helped carry my bag and we headed to his car. He asked me about my trip and we made small talk as he pointed out some sites along the way to my condo where he was putting me up for the week.

It was gorgeous. The view was breath taking and I was really glad I had decided to come all this way for a side job! William invited me to dinner. I was feeling so tired and jet lagged, but I was hungry so I asked him to let me take a shower first. William was a perfect gentleman and just hung out while I got ready. We headed to dinner and then he brought me back to the condo so I could rest up for the next day of work. He leaned in and hugged me as we parted and told me that he was really glad I had made the trip.

The next day went on without much fanfare. Seeing and working side by side with William turned out to be a lot of fun. He actually was pretty witty and I found him extremely attractive the longer I hung out with him. After he had dropped me off last night I had trouble sleeping so I reached for my vibrator and came thinking of William taking me on his desk. I wasn’t sure what would really happen if I revealed this to William, but I found myself re-enacting the fantasy in my head as I worked on the project. He glanced at me and asked me what had me so lost in thought. I blushed and giggled a bit as I had been caught in a day dream!


William eventually held my chin in his hands and began to kiss me lightly. His lips were warm and firm. Our tongues entwined and I pushed into him. He held me closer and I adjusted myself into his kissing. I could feel the heat rising inside me and my panties dampen. His kisses were amazing and I felt my chest and breathing deepening. He moved his mouth down my neck and nibbled on my ear whispering into it how beautiful I was. Was this really happening? This older attractive man was going to have his way with me in his office?

I lay back onto the desk got between my legs. Our kissing continued and he began grinded against my jeans. I could feel his engorged member pressing against me. He started to undo my jeans and slide them off of me. That revealed my red and black thong which caused him to pause and moan a bit at the sight. I pulled up my shirt and the sight of my full breasts in my red and black bra made him stop. He told me just how hot I really was. He went back to kissing my neck and moved his way down to my breasts. Cupping each of them as he licked, kissed, and nuzzled each of them. He reached around and unclasped my bra allowing for each of my breasts swayed as he pulled my bra off of them. He undid his jeans and removed them. I pulled his shirt over his head.

There we were in our underwear kissing. It was enough to make me melt. He pulled me down to the floor onto the rug. He was so hot and I was so turned on. He continued to grind on me and his kisses moved lower and lower. Then he took my foot in his hand and he began to kiss my feet all the way up to my thighs. When he got to my panties he pulled them to the side. He picked me back up to the desk and spread my legs open. When his tongue reached my honey pot my eyes rolled back and I rode the waves of pleasure as he pleased me. My wetness oozing out and covering his lips with each passing minute as I dirtied his desk. He knew exactly how to please me. His speed and firmness had me quivering in no time. I longed to feel that bulge deep inside me. The feeling of his fingers going in and out of wetness was enough to cause me to just about lose control.

He pulled my panties all the way off and kissed my breasts and slowly removed his underwear. Revealing an amazing hardness that slowly slides deep inside me. He watched my face to see my reaction with each thrust. I was laying on my back as he entered me in the missionary position. He kissed me deeply as he changed speeds based on my moans. After a while he rolled me over and told me to lean back into him. My legs grasping against William’s desk as he got so deep inside of me in that position. I could feel him throbbing inside me as he slowed his pace down to tease me with it. Then he sped up causing me to grip the desk as I looked out the window at the city. He rolled me over to my side and spooned me. It was a good thing William had a big desk. This position was my weakness I could hold on no long as the waves of pleasure swept over me. His hands holding my breasts as I called out his name, William, OH MY GOD it was feeling amazing. I could feel my wetness pouring out of me. His breathing got deeper with each thrust and soon he slid out of me and between my breasts his hot spewing load oozed out onto me.

We lay there hot, sweaty and both so satisfied. His hands tickling softly as he kissed my neck. I knew this trip was going to be fun, but I didn’t know it was going to be THAT fun! I laid there and enjoyed the feeling of total pleasure and this newfound lover.




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