How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

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Negotiating when it comes to an increase in pay is not only important now; it will be in the future too. Learn the art of negotiating an increase in your salary with ‘How to negotiate a pay rise’.

Know your worth

If you are looking to negotiate an increase in your salary, you need to first know how much you should be asking for. Do your research and find out from others, in the same industry and role, how much they are getting paid at the moment. You can also have a look at salary surveys and checkers, or speak to recruiters.

Consider your options

It might be that the company is not able to elevate your salary at this point, but this is not the only option available. Do you perhaps have a benefits packet? Do you get vacation days? Try to get an increase in these instead. You can also ask for a Title increase as this is free to the company.

Be reasonable and understanding

Threatening to leave if you do not get the raise you are requesting is not a responsible thing to do. You need to understand what the company offers you as a whole, and that salary is one consideration; when you understand this, you will be able to show it to your employers. You do not want this whole process to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth so be reasonable and understanding.

Ask for a face-to-face meeting

Do not try to present your case in a letter because this is just a one-way communication. A face to face meeting will allow you the opportunity to develop a mutual understanding of the situation and, ultimately, what to do about it. Ask your boss for a review meeting to discuss your responsibilities and remuneration. During this meeting you should ask what the opportunities and process is for getting a pay rise. It is not always that your boss has a say on the final decision. If this is the case, you need to ask them if they will support you because at some point they will play a role in the process.

Seek opportunities

The most positive way to approach asking for a raise is to ask for extra work and responsibility and link it to a pay rise. It might be that they don’t need you immediately so let them know that you will be available in the future. This is better than asking for more pay when you will be doing the same job, thus employers respond positively more often in this scenario.

Make them aware of your achievements

When asking for an increase in salary, you really need to make employers know why you are doing so. Make them aware of the things that you have achieved since you joined the company (or since your last pay rise). Perhaps you took on some extra responsibilities (either officially or informally); you may have earned an extra qualification since your last pay (or you already had one but your employer is unaware). You can also refer to the objectives you have achieved in the past year which were beneficial to the company.

Consider their offer

The company might offer you an amount that is not exactly what you asked for. Take some time to consider this option. Depending on how much time you need, let the employers know that you will get back to them on a certain day. Give yourself some time to think it through before accepting anything.

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