My Personal Confession Story

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According to dictionary definitions, the word “confession” is actually an admission of having done something embarrassing. This ten letter word is synonymous with “concession and revelation” and with this, I know you already have formulated something in your mind right now. Yes. I am going to reveal one of my secrets that I have kept until now. This thing happened when I was still studying in one university way back in the year 2008. I will tell you the details right away.

I was in the second year of my course when I did this awful thing. I knew from the start that I needed to pass the examination and to be on top whatever the circumstances are. I must do all the things that will make me as superior from my other classmates. With all of these principles in mind, I did the most common actions done by the students who want to perfect the test. Yes. I know you have some conclusions in mind. I cheated.

Not only to one subject but on two major tests of mine. One is the Anatomy and Physiology which was my difficult subject and the other one was Chemistry. When I was a student, I really hated to memorize and made some long notes as preparation of the examination but I thought and made small notes for formulas and definitions when these I took these two major subjects of mine. I remembered that I felt mixed emotions on that very horrible day. I felt very nervous, fearful, uneasy, and somehow guilty. I wanted to cry while looking down my notes as I was slowly writing them on my test paper. I wished that my professor would not walk in front of my seat or to the nearest chairs beside me. Fortunately, he did not see me cheating and probably did not know that I had done the most awful thing that a student would definitely do in order to pass an examination without studying too much.

Do you know what happened next? I passed my two major examinations. I got not only a good grade but a very satisfactorily average score. I was included in the top ten and a few of us passed all the tests. In that very moment, I did not know what to feel and say. There are many questions that bombarded my mind. Do I deserve these grades and compliments? Do I need to confess my cheating or keep it as long as I am living in this world? At this point of time, I have finished my course and I do hold a degree, but I have never forgotten my wrongdoings.