What You Must Know Before Hiring A Private Detective

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Private Detectives

The job of a private investigator or private detective is quite glamorous and risky. When you watch fictional private investigator series on television, you see those detectives who have seen and done it all. However, in real life, their job is not so much action packed as shown on television. It basically involves lots of research, surveillance, and paper work.

Private detectives may work for big corporations, perform background checks of employees before hiring them, investigating insurance fraud or follow cheating spouses. They might also work for stores, hotels, legal agencies, financial institutions etc where lot of investigative work is needed. Thus, there are a vast numbers of things that investigators can look into. The practice of private investigation is conducted by both male and female professionals. There are also highly trained professionals who work for government and the armed forces. They are equipped with latest technologies to trace people. They have technologies like GPS, vehicle tracking devices, personal surveillance and CCTV devices.

There is a lot of difference between a good and bad investigator. So do you know who the right detective for your work is? If you look on Google or directories, you will see thousands of private detectives who promise to offer you the best possible services. You can also look for agencies that provide private detectives. However, the best option is to evaluate it yourself. If you have never hired any Privatdetektiv before, some of the points that you should check before hiring are as follows.


1. Good Character

What is your first impression of the private detective is important. If his main concern is money, then you cannot trust him. He or she should be mature enough to maintain your confidentiality while doing your work. The investigator should never compromise on revealing their client’s identity in any case.

2. Look For Experience

When hiring for a detective make sure that they have some experience in the field of investigations that you want to carry out. You must also check if they have a relevant educational background. Check if they have taken any extra training for specialization. See if they have dealt with similar cases as yours before and how have they solved it.

3. Do They Have A Professionally Designed Website?

You can check their website if it is well structured and informative. If they do not have a good website, then chances are that they are not capable of providing good services. If the agency is not putting efforts to create their online presence, it won’t put efforts in solving you case.

4. Ensure Their Qualification

Try to determine if the private investigator is professionally qualified to handle your case. You can ask them all the necessary questions to ensure their background. Nowadays, most private detectives come from military, police or close protection backgrounds. You must also check if they are over charging you for their services. You can post an inquiry with few other private detectives as well just to be sure about pricing.

It is important to know that every investigation is different and a professional detective will ensure that you get the best service. If you desire the peace of mind in knowing the detailed actions of someone close to you, hiring a reliable private detective is necessary.

About the Author

Daniel has been working as Privatdetektiv for a detective agency for many years. He likes to write articles related to private investigations. In the above article, he suggests to readers the factors they should consider before hiring a private detective.




15 thoughts on “What You Must Know Before Hiring A Private Detective

  1. I have a friend who wonders if her husband is cheating on her, so she’s considering hiring a private detective. Your advice to look for experience seems important. I’ll urge her to ask about similar cases and what kind of results she can expect. It’s not a great situation to be in, so I want to make sure that she as a positive experience with a detective.

  2. I need to hire a private investigator to re-investigate a closed case. Coz i think the local police did not investigated the case properly. There is something missing which was covered by some higher authorities. So, I think your posted information will help me a lot to hire a proper investigator for my job. Thank you.

  3. I had no idea that some private investigators will actually perform background checks for companies. I have always wondered if they do the same work like they do on Television. It’s good to know that they aren’t in that much danger.

  4. I am looking to hire a private investigator for personal reasons. I like how you mentioned when hiring a PI to make sure they have had experience in the field of investigating and have a good amount of training and education. I will definitely keep this in mind when finding the best private investigator for my situation. Thanks for the information.

  5. I appreciate what you said about making sure a private detective has a professionally designed website before you hire them. Whenever I look for a professional to help me with something their website to me is a direct reflection of their business character and work ethic. I wonder if there are private detectives that work based on the work they complete, or do they mostly expect to be paid upfront?

  6. Solid points here. I would add that you can also check the reviews on Google and Facebook. In general, when an agency don’t have any, I know they may be a fake one…

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