The Must-Haves Of A Home Office

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The Must-Haves Of A Home Office

These days, many people are working from a home office via the internet.  In the same way you would have specific items in your office or cubicle in a company building, it’s also important that you have some basics when it comes to your home office.  Sure, you can have a rickety old desk and a chair that makes your back hurt, but why would you do that when you could work at a comfortable adjustable desk, with an ergonomic chair and great lighting?  If you have a home office already, or if you’re planning to set one up in the near future, take a look at this checklist of the must-have’s for a comfortable work environment:

Your chair

Every good entrepreneur should start with a comfortable chair.  This is somewhere you are going to be sitting in for many hours a day, so in the very least, it should be comfortable. Something with an ergonomic option that will give you lumbar support as well as keep your neck from getting achy is the most ideal choice.  Always opt for desk chairs with arm rests.  Arm rests will keep you from slouching, and in most cases they will keep your shoulders bi-lateral.  If possible, make sure the chair itself is adjustable for your height and comfort.

Ergonomic desks


Sure, you have heard of an adjustable chair like the one above, but did you know that companies also offer desks that adjust to different sitting and standing positions as well?  Most people that have desk jobs are prone to neck and backaches as well as leg problems. Some of these pains manifest themselves on a daily basis, but repeatedly putting yourself in this position can also cause more lasting damage later in life. When you have a desk that offers adjustable heights, you can sit or stand in a variety of positions that are better suited for support of your lumbar, neck and legs.  The adjustable desk is quite ingenious; people often wonder why this wasn’t thought of as a revolutionary product years ago! No matter what kind of business you are running out of your home office, the improved comfort and posture provided by this type of desk is invaluable.

Proper lighting

Given that you are most  likely going to spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or reading documents, your home office space should be equipped with adequate lighting. Overhead lighting is ideal, but you should also have a desk lamp to increase reading visibility should you need it. Most types of lighting will offer LED bulbs, which not only create a more natural light, but are also more “green” friendly to the environment.  These lights, just like the desks and chairs above, come in an array of styles and designs, as well as colors and materials.

One of the advantages of having an office in your home is the ability to change anything and everything about your environment to best suit your personal needs. Ensuring that you are comfortable and well-equipped in that environment is the first step to a successful and productive career.

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