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Almost all of us have crummy jobs, or jobs that are not our career choices ya know? There was one job I worked at that was the pits. I mean sexual harassment, discrimination and micromanaging was the name of the game. There are bosses who try to exploit their position of authority to place female employees into compromising positions. This boss that I had would only hire single mothers because he felt they ‘needed’ the job and would eat the shit. I mean he was a real scum bag.


One time he hired a lady in her mid 40’s who was not all there. You know the kind.. a couple of cans short of a six pack. Well he called her into the office and was making casual conversation about her personal life to which she naively replied that she didn’t have friends and was pretty much a loner. This guy decides he’s gonna play Mr. Nice Guy and try to comfort her with a hug. To which she responded negatively to.

A day or so later after work she was sitting in her car letting it warm up (winter time in New Jersey means at 5 pm it’s already dark) well while she was in her car, he got into his car and drove towards the exit but doubled back to where she was parked. At this point she gets freaked out and leaves the parking lot. The next day she calls the office and tells him that she is going to press charges for sexual harassment and stalking. He gets his panties in a bunch and sends her an email letting her go due to ‘poor work performance’ and tries to get everyone in the office to slander this woman.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I caught him in the hallway trying to grope the female employees. The absolute worse part of all this is that his wife worked in the same office and all of this was done under her nose.



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