How To Move a Recommendation On LinkedIn [Solution]

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Moving a Recommendation on LinkedIn

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In a prior article, I spoke about one of the most useful features on LinkedIn, the Recommendation, in which a connection of yours, whether it is a friend, a co-worker, a boss, or a client, recommends or endorses you with positive feedback, recognizing you as an individual, and acknowledging your work or your personality. Recommendations are more personal than Endorsements and provide insight into what others think and know about you.

While Recommendations are not always easy to come by and require you to usually ask of people, and you should always consider returning the favor, there is an issue that occasionally pops up from time to time: People do the right thing; you ask them for a recommendation, they write a paragraph or two about you, and then they submit it to you and LinkedIn requires you to approve it.



You received a recommendation under the wrong job and once you were recommended for a job, you cannot move or change it, or so most people think. You want to ask the person to re-write the recommendation and put it under the correct job, but they are busy and to get them to do that might be asking for too much.

LinkedIn, unfortunately, refuses to make it easy for people to do this and has failed to implement such a feature.

Fortunately, there is a solution!


Make sure you are logged into your LinkedIn profile and in the Profile > Edit Profile section.

You will be removing the job which has the wrong recommendation attached to it.

Whatever it is you have for your description, click on the pencil tool for editing and copy (ctrl+c) the description of your job. Paste (ctrl+v) the description into Notepad, Textedit, or some other area where you can temporarily hold it.

Edit the headline of the job, which will give you access to edit the entire job. Below the job and description, where it says Save and Cancel, there is a link that says “Remove this position”. Click on that link. This job will no longer be associated with the recommendation.

After the job is gone, scroll back up and find the “Add position” button and re-add the job you had. Next copy or paste the description into your job and hit save. This will leave the recommendation without an actual job, so it has not disappeared. It still exists in your profile, but it is now unassigned.

To re-assign it to the job you want, move your mouse cursor over your photo in the top right of the screen and select Privacy & Settings.

Under the Helpful Links section, click Manage your recommendations.

You will see the unassigned recommendation in the section titled, You deleted the position these Recommendations were associated with. Click the Reassign link next to the recommendation.

Choose the job position you want to associate the recommendation with and click Apply.

The recommendation will now be displayed in the correct spot.




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