5 Ways To Motivate Your Company as CEO

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Motivate Your Company

CEO Team

As a CEO, there are various ways in which you can motivate your company to come together and support your company vision. A high-performance company is born through motivation and rewards. Here are some ways in which you can motivate your employees in order to promote a happy all-round working environment on a day-to-day basis.

Be Transparent

Large, successful companies are transparent with their company movements and some even showcase their monthly profit earnings. Being transparent about what you want from your company helps your employees see where you are at and will in turn motivate them to work as a team towards overall company success.

Encourage Feedback

If feedback is not asked for, it won’t be given, and this could result in some grudge behaviour in the workplace. When you make changes as a CEO, ask your employees how you feel about these changes and if they had the chance, what they would change. This might give you great insight into your company morale.

Promote Culture

As a company that works hard, there must also be time to play hard, too. Drinks after work, team building outings, small acts of gratitude and themed events can help employees get to know the people that they are working with on a daily basis, and let you get to know your employees on more personal level.

Always Keep Your Office Door Open

Or better yet, appoint yourself a desk and move into the open plan office space, similar to those that Regus has on offer, where everyone else is sitting. This shows a more approachable type of behaviour and your employees might feel more able to come and talk to you in a neutral space like this, rather than a scary-looking private office.

Inspire Learning and Growth

Giving each employee the opportunity to grow within the company is key, but what about the learning of other skills? Many companies let their employees enroll in workshops, conferences and even short courses in order to learn more about their industry. This will help them become an even better specialist in their field and benefit the skillset of the entire organisation.