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Ask Not What Your Mother Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Mother

What You Can Do For Mother

Her heart is the very first thing we hear in our life. Her warmth is very first thing we feel. Her voice is the very first thing that comforts us. She is usually our first memory, the first thing we see, the first thing we remember, the first thing we feel, the first thing we hear, the first thing we love, and the first thing that loves us. We are bonded to her because she created us, gave us life, and nurtured us. She is our world and all we know. She is our mother.

Mother is the greatest strength we know and the most powerful force in the universe. Through her love, she protects and conquers all the darkness and fear, and is always guiding us into the light. She shows us how to live life, but most importantly, she teaches us about survival, as that is something she knows how to do best with what she has. Regardless of how old we are, what we have been through, or how independent we feel, we are always loved and appreciated by our mothers.


She knows everything and we put our complete trust in her knowledge. She teaches us more than anything we could possibly learn on our own or through school. Our mother is our guardian angel, our soul enhancer, here to teach us all the lessons a soul needs to learn in order to survive on this Earth. More importantly, our mother teaches us about patience and understanding, and it is because of us, her child, her children, that she has been able to master those skills.

Mother is the love we aspire to have and the love we know to be unconditional and true. Mother is one of the greatest loves we could ever know. Mother is one of the most wonderful beings in the universe. Without our mothers, we would not survive for very long nor would we even know what true love is.

Most every mother, no matter what species they are, has a natural instinct to protect their children and watch them grow, without a second thought to receiving anything in return. Today is a day specifically designed for her, designed to show her you appreciate and love your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!

This one goes out to ALL the moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! (via The Dodo)

Posted by Distractify on Saturday, May 9, 2015