What is your Mobile Recruitment Strategy? [Infographic]

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What would you do if you are sitting on a train car and your destination is still 20 minutes away? Most likely you will be pulling out a mobile device – probably your smart phone to check if you got unread messages. Or you would be pulling out your tablet instead and browse the internet for the latest news or post status messages on social media platforms like Facebook.

Such is the life of a typical human being in the 21st century. The advent of mobile devices created a new need or a new diversion for the average human being, that is to be always connected, to be always online.

With this in perspective, it is in every company’s interest not only to optimize their product pages but also their company’s career pages for the mobile. That is because more than ever job seekers are using mobile devices to browse for career opportunities over the internet.

A survey by LinkedIn involving the 800 professionals and over 13,000 talent acquisition leaders revealed that 72% of them look for job opportunities on company career pages while 64% of them follow company social media profiles for job opportunities. Even the passive job seekers among the respondents or people who are already holding a job but would want to have or are open for other job opportunities periodically check career pages of companies. While 45% of the respondents revealed they have applied for a job using their mobile devices and 43% of them have uploaded resumes to a job app.


Yet, only a few businesses have their career pages optimized for mobile devices. Fewer still have invested enough to make their websites or their job application process as painless as possible on a mobile. Only 13% of the global companies say they have invested enough for a mobile friendly recruiting. Just 20% of the global companies have their career pages optimized for mobile devices and only 18% have optimized their job posts for mobile devices.

Here is another take by Staff.com on why you should be allocating resources for a mobile friendly recruiting.

What is your Mobile Recruitment Strategy? [Infographic]

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Mobile Recruitment

1 BILLION job searches are done per MONTH on a MOBILE device.

By 2016, the number of mobile devices will surpass the world population

86% of job seekers would use a smartphone to search for jobs.

23% of Google searches for jobs come from mobile devices.

7 out of 10 people search for jobs on a mobile device.

Only 26 of FORTUNE 500 have a mobile optimized job site.

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