Five Mistakes On A Job Interview

Author: Morgan Johnes
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A week ago you were desperate, unemployed and looking for the perfect job. Which you actually managed to find pretty quickly and according to the woman who called you, you appeared to be the perfect candidate. All you need to do now is to remain calm from the excitement a bit and get prepared for the coming interview. But how? How to be sure that you will make a good first impression and you will not fail. Well, we're here to help you out. We found for you the biggest mistakes which you should try to avoid when you apply for a new job.

Being Late

Always be on time! Especially for an interview for a job you really want to get. Make sure that you have a secure transport which you have double checked at least a day earlier. Being late for an interview is always an indication for your boss that in the future you'll have problems with coming to work on time.

THINK: Mistakes On A Job Interview

Looking sloppy

When getting prepared for an interview, you better try to look as elegant as possible. You can even buy some fancy shirt in order to impress your employer. Having a stain on your clothes or having a bad odor is something you should be very careful with. Dress in your best suit and make sure there's nothing that can make you feel embarrassed.

Being fidgety

Looking through the window or fidgeting means that you're not paying attention on what the other person is saying. You ca try to collect your thoughts and take a deep breath in order to look confident. Make good eye contact with the person in front of you to create a non-verbal connection and to show that you're interested in working there.

Ask suitable questions and listen carefully

If you are asked a question and don’t give an appropriate answer to it, the employer will probably move on to the next candidate. If at some point you are supposed to tell something about your previous jobs and you can't remember, you can get into a very embarrassing situation. To avoid this make sure that you are completely familiar of what you have written in your resume. Listen carefully to the interviewer and pay attention to your own answers. Sometimes employers ask tricky questions on purpose in order to see how creative the person is on the other side of the desk. So don't answer too fast and try to 'read between the lines'.

Gossiping about your previous boss

Don't make the mistake of telling your opinion about your previous boss directly. No matter how awful your former boss was, you are not supposed to give such assessments or gossip about your previous work. This will make you look weak and in some way desperate. This is also an indication that you are not loyal and in the future you may make such comments about your current boss. If you really have to say something, try to talk about what kind of experience you've gained while working there and keep the inner information secret.

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