Millionaire’s Map: Countries Boasting The Most [Infographic]

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What Countries Has The Most Millionaires?

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Thanks to our ever-evolving economy and the advancement of technology, wealth is gradually becoming more of a global phenomenon.

Gone are the days of the colonial aristocracy, and in their place comes a world of plucking entrepreneurs and startup millionaires.

A great example of how things are changing can be seen in this interesting post from Citylab.

This post lists the cities leading America’s startup revolution. The list is so intriguing because it includes none of the classic financial heavyweight cities in the US.

Regardless of industry, successful businesses create wealthy individuals. Consider any o the most successful businesses and corporations in modern history and they will all have a very wealthy figurehead as a result.

Whether it’s Bill Gates and Microsoft, Richard Branson and Virgin Group, James Dyson and Dyson or Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, the list is endless.

So, the question is, with successful businesses cropping up all over the world, where are the majority of these successful people calling home?

Well, this question is answered clearly by this infographic created by The infographic is called ‘The Millionaire’s Map: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires’ and includes both some likely inclusions as well as some surprises.

For example, the USA tops the chart of millionaires with 15.6 million of them calling it home. However, you may be surprised to find Mexico, Brazil and Australia in the top 15.


This infographic also breaks down the cities with the most millionaires, which includes a couple of surprises. For example, despite the success of the USA in the countries chart, none of its cities take the top spot. London is, in fact, the city with the most millionaires.

To see a full breakdown of these stats and where other countries ranked, take a look at the infographic below.

Millionaire’s Map: Countries Boasting The Most [Infographic]

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THE MILLIONAIRE’S MAP: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires

Thanks to and ever evolving-economy, wealthy individuals have begun to spring up in every corner of the globe.

Despite this, just four countries are home to over 60% of the world’s millionaires according to the World Wealth Report.

With that in mind, where do the majority of the world’s millionaires call home, and which country boasts the highest population of millionaires?

  • CANADA 984,000 (3.6%)
  • USA 15.6 million (6.4%)
  • MEXICO 122,000 (0.2%)
  • BRAZIL 168,000 (0.1%)
  • UNITED KINGDOM 2.3 million (4.9%)
  • FRANCE 1.8 million (3.7%)
  • GERMANY 1.5 million (2.3%)
  • ITALY 1.2 million (2.3%)
  • SWITZERLAND 667,000 (10.8%)
  • CHINA 1.3 million (0.1%)
  • INDIA 185,000 (>0.1%)
  • JAPAN 2.1 million (2%)
  • TAIWAN 414,000 (2.2%)
  • SINGAPORE 142,000 (3.5%)
  • AUSTRALIA 961,000 (5.7%)


  • LONDON 370,000
  • NEW YORK 320,000
  • TOKYO 264,000
  • SINGAPORE 224,000
  • HONG KONG 215,000
  • LOS ANGELES 165,000
  • FRANKFURT 143,000
  • CHICAGO 134,000
  • SAN FRANCISCO 129,000
  • PARIS 126,000


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