Me? Sell Cars???

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So here I am, single Dad with four (yes 4) kids, ages 10, 9, 7 and 5, the dust from the separation just settling, I have rented a great house in the country, have bought an old truck that has just broke down, I need wheels and fast.

I was self employed through my married years however the breakup had me lose my house, business and all material possessions, needless to say I wasn’t receiving any financial support. I see an ad in the newspaper to be a car salesperson, “great wages, commissions, free car!”

So I go through the interview process, 72 people applied for the job,on the last of 3 interviews is with the General Manager of the Dealership. The General Manager is a very savy and polished individual, smiles like a reptile and you know you can’t fool this guy.

Anyway, be the end of the interview he asks me if I have any comments or questions, I reply by saying, “I can sell, I have the ass out my pants and I won’t let you down.”


Surprisingly to me there was a steep learning curve, the product knowledge, a very strict sales track, learning to deal with the public was a curve in itself, my first full year I was top salesperson and I never looked back for a dozen years. I learned how to listen, you to be polite and quickly informative, professional and most of all financially independent. I have changed careers now, I don’t think I would return since I really don’t have to, however the experience was life changing.

I was fortunate to be in a great company that recognized my talent and efforts and I was able to raise my kids, buy my home, live a great life and in retrospect I would recommend it to anyone that wanted to learn more about themselves.