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Matt Cutts Wants What Google Wants

In a previous article, I discussed What Google Wants. In this article, I was curious to figure out what Matt Cutts wants, and often times, when Google does something that affects webmasters or companies in any way, Matt Cutts is the person that is the face of that particular action, as he is part of the Google webspam team, who actively works to ensure the Internet remains spam-free, and abides by the guidelines of Google.

Matt Cutts is the head of the webspam team at Google and joined in 2000 as a software engineer and serves as and is often the insider spokesperson for Google on search engine optimization matters. He serves as the Google Authority who lets webmasters and companies looking for information in on all the secrets. Though it may seem like Google is trying to tell companies what to do on their website, they are, in essence, trying to shape the Internet to make it a better and easier place to navigate. Companies can choose to follow the information or ignore it, but not only does it keep webmasters and companies out of their comfort zones, it continues to create competition and enforce that everyone remains up-to-date with all the latest trends and technology.

A few years ago, Matt Cutts decided to take all the questions people had about Google and answer them in videos. Hundreds of videos have been produced of Matt Cutts answering questions from Googlers, webmasters, and companies. While sometimes the videos can seem repetitive, a majority of them do contain important information, but much of this information could easily be understood just by following Google Guidelines.

Anyone looking for information can find all the videos right on YouTube under the user account of GoogleWebmasterHelp. If you are looking for the summarized version of all of these videos, someone has generously gone ahead and watched every video for you and summarized all of Matt Cutts’ videos with the question and the short answer. The website is called The Short Cutts. While The Short Cutts delivers valuable instant information, sometimes it is worth watching the entire video delivered by Matt Cutts, which you can do right on The Short Cutts website!

You could spend a few hours watching every video in order to understand what Google wants and what Matt Cutts is trying to tell you. You could hire a webmaster to implement all of Matt Cutts’ tips and advice, and ensure your company website is following all those rules, but the most important message for every company and webmaster to walk away with:

Design your website and create unique content for real human visitors and avoid shady or spammy ways of operating your website.

Follow that basic advice and you will understand what Google wants and you will understand what Matt Cutts has been trying to tell everyone in every video – no more and no less.

To summarize what Google wants, Google wants interesting relevant factual information and knowledge on the Internet that people can reference and return to for years to come. The Internet may one day be the archive that holds all information about humanity and our expression of ourselves.  If it is littered with spam and false information, than it would be obsolete.

Matthew Gates is a freelance web designer and currently runs Confessions of the Professions.



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