Manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken

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I know I have no right to complain about my life or anything that happens. I am not rich and I really dont care. I have no desires, no ambitions, no purpose. But I got to make money and support a habit I love because I dont see anything wrong with it. I love smoking weed. I dont have a lot of responsibility and its awesome. So I became a fast food worker. Actually I was a fast food worker but worked my way to be a manager, so I guess you could say I got motivation to make a few extra bucks.

I am a manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I still work and behave like normal. No one knows that I am high most of the time. But it helps pass the time. I got into weed in high school and loved it. I got decent grades in school. But I just didnt really care. I wanted to be home, smokin a bowl, and playin video games all the time. That was my life then and thats my life now. I live a pretty good life. I guess things still havent changed almost ten years later. There is a benefit to working at KFC and that is the free food. So dinner is taken care of for me just about every night.

I still live at home. You could say I am your typical dude that will probably be older and still living in his parents house. I pay my parents rent money to live here and they dont bother me much. But there is nothing like coming home, lighting up a bowl, snacking on some chicken bites, and playing guitar hero or call of duty. Same routine everyday. No one bothers me about my lifestyle. I love my life and really dont care to change.


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  1. Codestud3 says:

    I went to federal prison for a few years for covering up a federal crime and pled guilty so I could get it over with. I went to a nice prison with no fences. I got high profile jobs working with VIPs and celebrities while on parole, then I went to law school and started a business so I would not have to work for anyone. My clients are the movers and shakers in my town. No one has ever known about my past. I'm happy now.

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