3 Simple Tips To Making Yourself A More Attractive IT Hire

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Finding a career after college can be challenging no matter what field you are entering. Many factors contribute to why things are so difficult post-graduation. Steps can be taken to ease the process of finding a rewarding career after college but they need to be implemented as soon as possible. In this article I am going to be strictly speaking about how to ease the time to employment for those students that aim to enter the IT industry.

Many important variables are overlooked when studying for this field and they cost students a lot in terms of their perceived value for hiring companies. The goal of this article is to instill my readers with three simple but important tips to remember as they approach graduation on their way to employment. If this article ends up helping you then please share it with those you know that could need similar advice.

Get your Feet Wet

Internships are an age old tradition for any college education but some students fail to utilize the opportunities presented to them. Remember that having experience helps any student no matter how high their grade point average or how prestigious their educational institution, companies want experience.

Diversify your Degree

While in college some students tend to stick a bit too closely to IT specific courses. While the logic behind it may seem sound the reality is a little different. The corporate world now tends to prefer students who studied both Information Technology as well as Business. This is an effort to make all pieces of the corporation aware of how a business is run and maintained. Students that have graduated already might be interested in going back to school to obtain a business degree, or even simply take some business courses to beef up your transcript and personal knowledge. Don’t be discouraged at the notion of going back to school either. The process will be a benefit to your life in the long run.

Get Certified

When companies look to make a new hire they run down a laundry list of criteria. Often times within the criteria will be certifications from companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, and even Google. Of all the certifications the Cisco certifications carry the most weight. Be sure to get a rounded out set of certifications. For example, one for each general Operating system and then a couple in networking. This will allow you to express true confidence to any business looking to make a new hire.


Getting a job nowadays is harder than it used to be for older generations. With increased global competition fueling better education across the globe, it’s no wonder it’s become vastly more difficult to get work. Yet you are not powerless when it comes to determining your fate. A solid and diversified education will work wonders towards your future. Working towards these goals may sound challenging, but not having accomplished these goals will make it far more challenging to simply live your everyday life.

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