Making Your House Ready for Sale [Infographic]

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Preparing Your House For Sale

Home Staging Process

Our house is one of the most expensive assets that we own, so it makes perfect sense to spend some time, and money, to get our house in shape for selling. Often referred as ‘home staging’, it can have a big impact on your house sale. Our infographic ‘Making your house ready for sale’ will help you with the home staging, and answer a very important question ‘how to stage your home?’

According to statistics, staged homes spend 83% less time in the market than the non-staged ones. It also looks better in photos, which helps when it comes to internet listings. The infographic covers 6 points each representing different parts of the house.

  1. Kitchen and Living room:
    • Clean, declutter, and maximize space: Removing any unnecessary and bulky furniture to maximize spaces. Make sure your house is pet free.
    • Depersonalize: Remove family snaps and heirlooms. This helps buyers visualize the house as theirs and not yours.
  2. Bathroom:
    • Clean everything: Get rid of mould & calcium residue. Wash, dry and replace exhaust fan covers.
    • Replace: Place a new rug next to the shower.
  1. Entrance:
    • Shoe racks: Keep shoes and jackets tidy, and remove anything that is not functional.
  1. Front garden:
    • Tidy up your front garden: Paint the front door, clean the windows, remove rubbish from the pavement in front of the property.
  1. Back Garden:
    • Check what looks good in your back yard, you can opt for some patio furniture, potted plants, and some outdoor lighting to make it look fresh and exciting.
  1. Bedroom:
    • Make your bed the focal point of the room. Spruce your bed up with new bedding, and some cushions and a throw.

We hope you like our infographic, and it helps you sell your house quickly.

Making Your House Ready for Sale [Infographic]

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Your house is, hopefully, your most expensive asset. So it makes sense to spend a little bit of time, and sometimes even money, to get it in the best shape for selling. This is often referred to as ‘home staging’ and it can have a big impact on the speed and profitability of your house sale.


Why staging your home could pay-off

Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market than non-staged homes.
Home staging provides, on average, an ROI of 586%
A staged home will look better in photos and therefore on Internet listings

1. Kitchen

Clean, declutter & maximize space

Removing any unecessary and bulky furniture maximises space. If you’re not keeping something, get rid of it before you move. Make sure your house is pet (and pet hair and smell) free!


Remove family snaps & heirloooms
This helps buyer’s visualise the house as theirs not yours

Furniture, Pillows, and Cushions

Group furniture into arrangements that inspire conversation.
Use matching cushions to add colour and style

Windows and Mirrors

Install bright lightbulbs and plug in lamps to illuminate dark corners
Artful placement of mirrors adds depth and dimension


Plants breathe life, bringing the outdoors inside


Only have brand new and stylish and matching kitchen items on display
Remove all jars and bottles to maximize your space
Make small improvements (new cupboard handles and shiny new faucets)


2. Bathroom

Clean everything

Get rid of mould & calcium
Wash, dry, and replace exhaust fan covers


Place a new rug next to shower

Make it luxury

Expensive toiletries ooze class and sophistication
Give your bathroom that spa feel by showing off expensive toiletries
Carefully fold new (and fluffy towels)


3. Entrance

Shoe racks

Keep shoes and jackets tidy, remove anything that isn’t functional


4. Front garden

Tidy up your front garden

Paint your front doors
Clean your windows
Remove rubbish from the pavement in front of your property


5. Back garden

What looks good in your backyard

Patio furniture
Potted plants
Outdoor lighting


6. Bedroom

Make your bed the focal point of the room

Ideally the person should be able to walk by each side of the bed
Spruce your bed up with new bedding, some cushions, and a throw
Organise closets to impress snooping buyers


7. Must-buy home staging accessories

Rugs, fruits, and flowers

Large deep rugs can add warmth. Statement rugs can emphasize space, add colour, and look chic. Fruits are a stylish way to add colour and a feeling of freshness.


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